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HDDs Accessories

JW Computers stocks a comprehensive range of hard-drive (HDD) accessories for all your storage challenges.

Converting older drives into a compatible device for your new PC is a cost-effective approach to storage. Most of the time, new cases and motherboards aren't designed for old technology (i.e. IDE drives), so the parts need to be converted to be re-used.

We have every type of converter you might need. From mounting kits, SSD caddies, converters for 3.5" drives, 2.5" drives, USB, SATA, M.2, IDE & external devices.

We also offer another product category just for storage devices & enclosures, if you can't find what you're looking for here.

We understand people used their storage in different ways. Some people want to easily install and remove drives in their home PC, others want a USB docking station allowing them to easily plug in SATA drives (especially handy for those in IT support or data recovery).

Aside from our hard drive accessories, we also sell the hard-drives and Solid State Drives to go along with them!