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Microsoft Windows

JW Computers stock a range of modern operating systems by the software giant Microsoft. 

When upgrading your computer's operating system, it's much easier to simply overwrite the existing OS. While this is quicker, it's less ideal from a system cleanliness perspective, meaning some files can be leftover.

If possible, always try and re-format your computer using a fresh install of Windows.

Our most affordable O/S would be Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit OEM Home Edition. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Operating systems may come in a DVD, a USB drive or a downloadable that you install yourself (usually loaded onto a USB).

The majority of users are fine to simply use the Windows Home version, as Windows Pro is more geared towards specific applications, such as greater user security controls, Bitlocker (encrypts storage), 2TB RAM limits and Hyper-V, which is an inbuilt virtualisation software.