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Telephone Cables

As long as Australia remains using copper cabling, in contrast to fiber cabling, there will be a place for telephone cables & adapters.

We have a range of RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, double adapters and couplers. These can help you set up your home phone or ADSL connection. Be sure to measure the length you need, ours vary between 1-30meters.

RJ11 cables are available as 6P2C and 6P4C variations. As an example, a 6P2C would have six-pin positions and two contacts.

RJ12 come as 6P6C, and are the same physical size as RJ11.

Most analogue equipment (such as dial up modems, phones & faxes) simply use the center 2 pins of the connector, so both an RJ11 and RJ12 would work.

Be sure to check the manual to see what cable you require, and talk to our friendly staff if you need help.