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Optical Drives

An optical drive is a device that allows people to read compact discs on their computer. Optical drives may be compatible with Compact Discs (CD), Digital Video Discs (DVD) and Blu-Ray discs (BD).

JW stock a large range of optical drives, as well as converters and consumables you may need.

To install an optical drive inside your computer case, one could use 5.25” SATA drive or the smaller slimline style which will slide into the front of your PC and connect to your motherboard.

For a portable solution, we sell external optical drives that connect through USB cables.

Occasionally people need to convert their optical drive space to a different size (such as removing an optical drive in a laptop), so we have adapters for that.

This technology is slowly being phased out, though quite handy for odd jobs like reformatting Windows using a DVD or burning discs for offline backups.

Please get in touch if you require assistance in choosing your drive.