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MSI Laptops

MSI offer laptops for personal, business, and gaming use, so there’s an option in their range for every scenario. Including the basic home laptops in the Modern series up to the muscular WS66 workstation, you’ll find your next laptop here. Screen sizes range from 14” - 17.3”, RAM from 8GB - 32GB, storage from 512GB - 2TB and fitted with Windows 10/Pro. The gaming range runs RTX 3050 up to A5000. Whatever your needs, MSI has a laptop that will work for you.

  • What types of MSI laptops?

    There are many different types of MSI laptops on offer here at JW Computers. There are MSI laptops to suit your business, gaming, and or personal uses. The Modern series is designed to suit your basic home laptop needs, comes in a range of colours, and has an attractively sleek and lightweight design. The Prestige and in particular the Workstation series was created to provide more in-depth multitasking and offer great speeds and storage capacity. The MSI Sword, Delta, and Creator range are designed to meet the needs of gamers and creators specifically. Our range of MSI laptops come in either Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, and an Intel Core i9 range of CPU processors.

  • What are the costs of MSI laptops?

    MSI laptops in Australia come priced anywhere from around $1300 on upwards. The MSI Intel Core i5 series of CPU processors comes in at the lowest price range, whereas the MSI Intel Core i7 falls right in the middle on average for both power and price. The MSI Intel Core i9 is the most expensive laptop CPU processor range on offer. MSI gaming laptops typically come in a wide price selection, from the more affordable MSI Sword range to the more expensive yet highly advanced graphics and captivating design of the MSI Intel Core i9, Creator Z16 laptop.

  • Why buy an MSI laptop?

    MSI laptops offer some of the best cutting-edge technology. In particular, MSI has built quite a reputation over the years for creating some of the most advanced, high-end gaming laptops. An MSI laptop uses powerful processors and graphics cards and often offers wonderful additional features such as optimised cooling systems, which bring the most out in their laptop range. MSI laptops come in sleek, compact, and modern designs that are often lightweight, but they certainly don’t cut corners when it comes to offering a powerful device. MSI laptops are a great choice for all serious gamers and creators. An MSI laptop is bound to please both professionals and personal users.