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PCIe SSD - Solid State Drives

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Solid State Drives (SSDs) is a memory technology comprised of no moving parts. They come in a variety of form factors with the most common being 2.5" SATA or M.2.

2.5" SATA SSDs use two cables, one SATA cable to the motherboard, and one power cable to the power supply.

M.2 or PCie SSDs are a chip which connects directly to a receiving port on the motherboard.

Solid state memory offers exceptional performance. M.2 SSDs are typically faster than SATA SSDs in benchmarks, though the real world difference is hard to notice.

SSDs are an awesome upgrade as they store the operating system and programs, allowing the computer to boot quickly and data (programs) to be access quickly.

It is also possible to replace an old laptops 2.5" HDD with a 2.5" SSD with some skill.

JW Computers is proud to deliver the biggest range of solid state drives from 128GB to 4TB!

We stock brands such as Samsung, Intel, Kingston, Crucial, Adata, WD, Seagate, Transcend, Corsair and more.