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DDR3 DIMM RAM / Memory

Random Access Memory (RAM) is volatile storage that is utilised by software on your computer.

For example, when you are working on a document and can "undo" changes you've made - that's because the history of the document has been temporarily stored in random access memory.

By maximising your memory, you will be able to perform more tasks simultaneously.

JW Computers stocks RAM for suitable gaming PCs, laptops, home computers and work usage.

If you are unsure what memory to purchase, look up the specifications of your motherboard, this information will tell you what is compatible with your system. Look for

Maximum amount (i.e. 16gb max)
Maximum speed (i.e. 2666 MHz speed - no point buying anything faster)
Amount of slots (i.e. 4x slots)
RAM type (i.e. DDR3, DDR4, SODIMM - this is the also physical shape of the RAM chip)

Using this information, purchase memory that is suitable for your system without wasting money on unnecessary specifications.

Gamers should look to obtain the fastest RAM possible (at least 2133mhz, over 3000mhz better suited to high-end rigs). The speed of RAM can be set in the BIOS. We’ve found fast RAM to increase the minimum fps by quite a lot.

For people simply upgrading their office computer or laptop, you don’t need to worry too much about speed, just the maximum amount.

If you need a hand selecting memory, please contact our staff who can assist you.