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  1. BenQ CP8601K 86" Ultra HD DuoBoard Interactive Corporate Flat Touch Panel Display
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  2. BenQ CP6501K 65" Ultra HD DuoBoard Interactive Corporate Flat Touch Panel Display
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  3. Lenovo ThinkVision M14 14" Full HD Touch Monitor
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  4. Save $150Sale
    Viewsonic xG270QC Computer Monitor 27" WQHD 1ms FreeSync 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
    $749 Was $899
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  5. Philips 24BDL4151T 23.6" FHD Multi-Touch Android Display Panel
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  6. Acer UT241Y 23.8" Full HD IPS Touchscreen Monitor
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  7. HP W2Z50AA EliteDisplay E230T 23" Full HD Touchscreen Monitor
    Pre-order ETA 21/05/21
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  8. Philips 242B9T 23.8 FHD IPS Touch Business Monitor
    Dispatch 3-7 days
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The latest computer monitors for sale at JW Computers

Is your computer monitor too dim or grainy? Are you struggling to get on with work or make the most of your gaming experience due to using an old and outdated monitor? At JW Computers, we have a broad range of powerful and affordable computer monitors for sale throughout Australia. We only source monitor screens from the world’s leading manufacturers, all of which come with extended warranties for your peace of mind. Whether you need a brand-new PC monitor or accessories such as monitor risers, wall brackets and VR headsets, we’ve got you covered.

Can I plug in my laptop to my monitor, if so, how?

The majority of laptops will have a video out feature.

Firstly, please confirm what inputs you have on your monitor. Most modern monitors will have a HDMI port, however, there may also be DisplayPort, USB-C or older styles, such as VGA or DVI.

After, please identify what video out connector type your laptop uses. Ideally, this will be either HDMI, Mini HDMI, Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt.

If you are unsure, please search for your model laptop online and find the product page from the manufacturer. Under specifications, there should be a category called External I/O ports or similar, this will show you what video outputs you have.

Once that’s done, head on over to our cables section and find the appropriate cable for you!

For gaming, should I prioritise an IPS panel at 60hz or a 144hz TN/VA panel?

Competitive orientated PC gamers should aim for a monitor capable of outputting over 100hz (Hz is the number of times the monitor image changes per second). Most modern games (including CS:GO, Dota2, Fortnight, League of Legends) are capable of delivering over 100 frames per second. As a result, a gamer using a monitor with a high refresh rate, will receive more visual information per second and is a competitive advantage at the highest level of play.

In contrast, IPS panels typically produce superior image quality. IPS panels offer better colour accuracy, colour range and viewing angles. For gamers who are seeking immersiveness (titles such as WoW, Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda come to mind), an IPS panel will bring everything to life. Therefore, if people are casual gamers and also want to use their monitor for graphic design, movies photography or website editing, then an IPS panel is a superior choice.

Browse our gaming monitors or talk to our staff for further help.

What’s a good monitor for office purposes?

For everyday purposes, we have a range of general and business use monitors. Firstly, you can consider a monitor with low power consumption. Low power would be considered in the range of 12-25 W whilst in use. If you’re looking for an affordable option, simply filter our monitors within your price range.

If you’re constantly working on two documents at a time and wasting time swapping back and forth, then consider upgrading to a monitor of at least 30 inches (more than two A4 sized sheets of paper side by side). If you have the desk space, 32’ and above is really the sweet spot. This should last you a decade. View our range of large office monitors under $800 here.

What’s the best monitor for photography, graphic design and professional use?

For professional use, the “must-haves” are an IPS panel, a decent-sized screen (27” or above), a resolution of over 2560 x 1440 and excellent colour reproduction. In all honesty, 4k resolution is the standard for professional use.

An excellent choice is the BenQ PD 3200U 32”. It’s boasting 4k (3840 x 2160), so it’s great for photographers capturing in full resolution. It’s large enough to have multiple windows open side by side (includes a dual view mode, allowing you to separate the screen for two different uses), and large enough for two people to easily collaborate on. The build quality is also superb. High-end BenQ’s really set the standard for professional media use.

Of course, this monitor is not within everyone’s budget. Please browse our large, high resolutions monitors here or talk with our staff and we’ll help you align a monitor to your goals and budget.

Can I come to view monitors at your Sydney stores before purchasing?

Put simply, yes, it is possible, however, this is at the discretion of the store.

JW Computers’ monitors may be in stock with us, or in-stock at the supplier. If we have it in stock, please phone the nearest JW to you, we will confirm we have it available and can show it to you.

In the event, we are extremely busy, or the monitor is in stock with our supplier, we may not be able to show you the monitor, however, we will do everything we can to help you!

How do I decide which sized computer monitor to buy?

Before deciding which computer screen to purchase, you should measure the width and height of the area where you intend to place it. Many people choose to use more than one computer monitor, in which case you may need to buy two smaller computers monitors that will fit snugly on your desk. 

If you just need a screen monitor for basic work and leisure purposes, you may want to save money by opting for a desktop monitor with a width of 20” or under. We have a broad range of compact computer screens for sale that take up little space and yet are powerful enough for a range of everyday applications, from browsing the internet to using MS Office. 

Mid-size monitors for sale tend to fall into the 21” to 26” range. With a slightly larger screen, you’ll be able to watch TV shows and movies without needing to squint or sit too close. We have many mid-sized PC monitors in Australia that are also suitable for gaming. 

If you’re an avid gaming enthusiast and want the very best gaming experience, you might need a computer screen that’s larger than 27”. These large monitors for sale provide you with a wide viewing area, perfect for video production and graphic design and of course gaming! 

At JW, we have computer monitors for sale in a wide variety of sizes, and our technicians are only a phone call away if you need any advice. 

What types of monitors do you have?

We aim to stock the broadest selection of computer screens for sale in Australia, which is why we source the latest and most advanced solutions from across the globe. For the ultimate viewing experience, you might want a curved monitor screen that’s suitable for the entire family. If you just need a basic desktop monitor for work purposes or to browse the internet, a flat computer screen may prove more than adequate. 

Just some of our most popular monitor screens include: 

Portable computer screens take up little storage space, perfect for the business traveller. Add touchscreen functionality, and you’ll be able to work on the go without needing accessories such as keyboards. If you need help selecting the most suitable computer monitor in Australia for your unique requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

If I choose the wrong computer screen, can I return it?

We understand that it’s easy to make a mistake when you buy a monitor online, which is why we offer full refunds if you return your screen to us in its original condition with the packaging intact within 14 days. If purchasing the right computer monitor the first time is essential, whether you’re planning a trip away or need to create a presentation urgently, you can always visit one of our stores to see our computer screens for sale in person and chat with our friendly and tech-savvy specialists.

How do I pay for my computer monitor?

Buy a computer monitor online, and you can pay using your preferred payment option, whether it’s debit card, credit card or PayPal. Please remember that if you intend to buy a monitor online and pick it up from one of our stores, we’ll need to see the card you used. If you don’t have enough money to cover the full cost of your PC monitor, you can pay for it in interest-free instalments via Zip pay. We always try to dispatch products the day after receiving the order confirmation, but we’ll let you know promptly if any problems arise.

Why buy a computer monitor online from JW Computers?

At JW, we aim to be the nation’s best value supplier of PCs, computer monitors, gadgets and accessories in Australia. We’re not just salesmen, we’re technical advisors that are genuinely passionate about all things computers. Create an account to see our latest offers, or get in touch for more information and advice on the latest computer monitors in Australia.