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Apple iMac Computers

Our range of Apple desktop computers all offer pleasingly sleek design, fluid processing capacity and graphics. Here at JW, we provide an excellent range of All-In-One Apple iMac desktop PCs, and Apple Mac Mini PCs, all of which are bound to excite! The Apple iMac desktop computer provides something for everyone, and is available in a wide range of colours to match your individual personality. Our Apple desktop range offers fantastic flexibility, allowing you to play with and design the projects of your dreams. In contrast, our Apple Mac Mini range can help provide you with convenient portability and power.

Tablets are an option for those seeking maximum portability, with productivity as the next factor.

The smaller the keyboard, the more difficult to type on. If you're planning on doing a lot of writing, a tablet might not be for you. Consider a 13" laptop.

Tablets are great for portable tasks. Such as filming your form at the gym, taking notes at a meeting or for use while travelling (work and play!). They are a great option for kids too.

Be sure to purchase a case or carry case to keep it safe.

JW Computers has a range of tablets from respected manufacturers.