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Laptops Accessories

JW Computers has an awesome range of laptop accessories for people on the go - wireless mice with USB connectivity, cooling pads, adjustable laptop stands to bring screens up to eye height, laptop cases and bags to protect your prized possession - all helping you get the most from your laptop.

JW Computers laptop accessories are second to none. We stock batteries, chargers, stands, cooling solutions as well as docks & ports.

Laptops are an investment to take care of. At all four of our Sydney stores, we stock a massive range of laptops, and the right accessories to go along with them. Simply explain to our staff what you're trying to achieve, and we'll help you.

Replacing a laptop battery is a great way to improve your battery life. We recommend people also ensure their drivers are up to date (this is how the software of your computers communicates with your physical parts). 

For example, we've seen people improve battery life on their gaming laptop by 3 hours, just by installing the right drivers!

If you're uncertain whether a new battery, or replacement charger is the right decision, or you think you might be due for a replacement. Feel free to bring your laptop in and we'll give you honest advice. We also perform laptop repairs in house.