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Gaming Desks

Our range of gaming desks caters to gamers who want to truly optimise their gaming experience. All of our gaming desks offer an advanced and incredibly sleek design. Each particular desk provides both flexibility and convenience to every gamer. Discover our range, and pick your desk according to your specific gaming needs: whether your interest be geared towards a more sleek, multi-dimensional racing experience, or specifically targeted to focus on overall usability and adaptability. All of our desks are made from the highest quality, durable materials and provide security and optimum stability for your computer gaming console and accessories.

Why buy a gaming desk?

Whether you’re exploring your way through new worlds or creating characters from the ground up, the right gaming desk can revolutionize your gaming experience. Crafted from premium materials and catering to all budgets, JW’s range of pc gaming desks are specifically designed for high-performance gaming. Our desks offer the space needed for multiple screens, sleek designs, and optimal ergonomic positioning and flexibility, so you can sit back and settle in for hours of gameplay! With features like height-adjustability, tempered glass surfaces, spacious desk boards, and accessory holders, our desks have everything you need to transform your study into the ultimate battle station. 


What makes a computer desk for gaming?

Not to be confused with the archetypal piece of office furniture, a gaming desk is specifically designed to suit the needs of PC gamers. Many come equipped with an array of special features and add-ons, but almost all gaming desks are height-adjustable, ergonomically optimised, made from durable materials, and have ample desktop and storage space to accommodate an entire gaming setup, including multiple monitors.


What are the benefits of buying a gaming desk?

  • Adjustability: Customisation options such as height-adjustability ensure that the monitor can be set at the right height and angle for you. Some desks also feature removable or retractable shelves to create extra workspace.  
  • Durability: Most gaming desks are designed to take a hit - literally! Typically made from stainless steel, PVC, strong plastic, or hardwood, these desks are sturdy enough to support the weight of heavy gaming equipment.
  • Comfort: Featuring polished surfaces and rounded edges, gaming desks are ergonomically designed to encourage optimal posture, allowing for prolonged gaming sessions.
  • Space: Gaming desks have numerous features to optimise available space, including cable management systems, removable shelves, headset hooks, cup holders, and more!


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