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DB25,DB15 & DB9 Data Cables

DB25,DB15 & DB9 cables are used to control devices. They are usually found in audio/visual or videoconferencing spaces. These cables use the RS232 protocol to transmit data.

DB9 cables are available in 4, 9 or 25 pin, with 9 pins being the most common.

These cables are capable of long distances, we stock them in sizes ranging from 30cm to 25 meters!

Be sure to check what male/female terminations you require.

For those who are unfamiliar, null cables is a crossed over DB25,DB15 or DB9 cable. Crossover cabling is used in a situation there is no switch, such as connecting a computer to a printer.

This cable is being phased out, as device control is available over ethernet/fibre (ie. 10GBASE-T).