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Acer Desktop PCs

We offer a great range of desktop PCs: including All-In-One PCs and ultra-portable Mini PCs. An Acer desktop PC is bound to please and provides a range of versatile features. Our range of Acer computers and products is designed to meet your individual needs, whether in the office, at home, or to satisfy your specific gaming requirements.
Add together some of our powerful processing components to build the Acer Gaming PC, or home computer of your dreams. At JW, we also supply a range of custom builds and package deals, allowing for the ultimate flexibility level.

Desktop Computers is a parent category for all our desktop PCs, which includes gaming, home PCs, work PCs and specialised custom gaming PCs.

We understand the need for high performance when you use your PC primarily for gaming, so we have put together a collection of powerful gaming machines. Browse our beastly gaming computers here.

For home office users or professionals, please navigate to our home and work computers. Many of these have Windows and Software pre-loaded to save your time.

A custom-built PC carries many benefits, from faster ram and overclockable CPUs - custom computers are what every tech-head is looking for. The power to build your own computer means you can design its strengths, and JW Computers has all the components you could ever need. The drawback, of course, is taking the time to select the parts.

If you're looking for professional advice, expert knowhow or just some friendly pointers, the team at JW Computers have the solution for you.

JW is the leading desktop PC company in Australia. From reliable household PCs to advanced business computers and gaming machines, we stock a huge range of products and sell them direct at highly competitive prices. As the centre of every home and office, your desktop PC influences every aspect of life.

We sell desktop computers from leading global brands and offer a range of custom builds and package deals for the ultimate in flexibility. From all-in-one designs to rackmount systems and towers, we make technology easy with great products, fast shipping, and friendly customer service. At JW, we provide a trusted and enjoyable desktop PC shopping experience for the entire Australian community.

  • What desktop computer brands do you offer?

    As desktop PC experts, the JW website features a huge range of brands and products. We cater to the entire computer market, including hardcore gamers, small business owners, and regular computer users looking for a great deal. We keep the latest desktop products in stock at all times. We also offer regular sales throughout the year. Some of the desktop PC brands we carry include Acer, Apple, Asus, Corsair, Gigabyte, GMR, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo and Microsoft. Along with our ready-to-run PCs, we offer custom computer designs and package deals.

  • How much information do you have on each product?

    At JW, we try to make your purchase decision as simple and stress-free as possible. Each product page has a detailed Summary section, which includes important features like processing power, memory, storage, and connectivity. If you want to go deeper, each product also comes with its own dedicated Specifications page. All product features are listed in simple table format for quick review and accurate comparison. We also feature a dedicated Reviews page for honest feedback from the computer community. At JW, it's never been easier to buy desktop computers online.

  • Can you filter specific desktop PC categories?

    We believe in a simple and accessible shopping experience. We have organised all desktop PC products according to their features, including brands, prices, technologies, and product categories. From the CPU generation technology to the memory type and motherboard chipset, you can shop on your own terms based on the things that matter to you. Some of our product categories include storage size, CPU series, PSU form factor, fan size, and case form factor, among others. Whether you want to keep things simple or dig deep, JW makes computer shopping easier than ever before. Along with PC products, we offer desktop computer packages and custom gaming computers

  • What type of desktop PCs do you sell?

    We keep a wide range of desktop PCs in stock at all times, including rackmount PCs, tower PCs, and all-in-one PCs. Whether you want to install your new computer on your desk, under your desk, or in your rack, we're sure to have exactly what you need. At JW, we cater to a diverse array of computer users and enthusiasts. From dedicated gaming products to family PCs and small desktop computer products, we stock leading global brands and offer them direct to you at highly competitive prices. Finding desktop computer deals has never been easier. 

  • Do you cater to the gaming community?

    JW is led by a dedicated team of computer lovers. Along with household users and the business community, we are proud to sell gaming products to the PC gaming community. We have our own brand – GMR – of gaming PCs, and we stock a range of additional gaming products from some of the biggest names in the industry. If you want something that is “built by gamers… for gamers,” our team of gaming enthusiasts can provide you with detailed advice to help guide your purchase decisions. We can also build you a custom gaming PC in-house. 

  • Do you ship from Australian locations?

    At JW, we offer quality customer service, fast delivery, and competitive prices across Australia. Our business is Australian-based with three locations and all products are shipped from our warehouse in Sydney. We have happy customers across the country, and we sell desktop computers to people in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and beyond. Whether you work in Canberra, carry out a business in Perth, or live in one of the regional centres that define Australia, we process orders immediately, ship fast, and service the entire country. For the best desktop computers in Australia, please create an account or contact us today.