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Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combos

Selecting the right gaming keyboard and mouse as a combo to upgrade your gaming setup can give you a distinct advantage. A dedicated gaming mouse, with its added buttons and extra sensitivity, in combination with the improved response of a specialised gaming keyboard, gives you the upper hand over your opposition when it comes to precision aiming!

  • Should I buy a gaming keyboard and mouse at the same time?

    The great thing about buying a gaming keyboard and mouse as a combo is that they are specifically made to complement each other to give you maximum bang for your buck! From the more basic options for the beginner to the high-end gaming combos of your more experienced gamers, you can select the right gaming mouse and keyboard combo to suit your current needs. Selecting a ready-made combo with high-quality switches, state-of-the-art optical mouse sensors, and multi-coloured lighting effects will totally ramp up your full gaming experience!

  • Is it worth it to buy a keyboard and mouse combo for gaming?

    Yes. They can provide you with a very simple and harmonized way to ramp up your gaming experience. Even the most basic combo of gaming keyboard and mouse should offer better performance than the lower-end mouse and keyboard which are usually bundled with your PC purchase. And with big-name manufacturers now making specific combos for your gaming mouse and keyboard, you can get incredibly responsive and intuitive gameplay with less strain on your hip pocket! When you need an edge over your competition, a tailored combo makes your gaming feel really consistent.

  • What type of keyboard and mouse should I look for in a combo?

    The answer to this depends on your gaming style and budget. You can get a Wired keyboard and mouse combo if you’re after reliability and simplicity. If you'd prefer a different route, a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo looks terrific and reduces the clutter on your desk. A backlit gaming keyboard and mouse will really fit the bill when you’re after a bit more atmosphere during gameplay. For a newcomer to gaming, you’ll find that starting with any combo gives you the opportunity to find and develop a preferred style before later branching out into more specific - and expensive - options.