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Power Cables

You might just need a little bit of extra cable length for a tricky office environment, or looing to colour-coordinate your entire setup, choosing the right type of power cables is essential. 

IEC is an acronym for the International Electrotechnical Commission, who standardise electronic technology.

Power cables for all devices

Most people simply need a new IEC Power Cable (C13/C14) for their computer, audio-visual device, gaming console or home office project. For other devices, we stock the commonly required 2 pin cables (C7/8) and three-pin (C5/C6).

For higher rated temperature cables, there are IEC Power Cables (C15/C16). These are often chosen by professionals who are using them in warmer environments (or adhering to safety standards), such as network racks, audio/visual cabinets or underneath desks.

For workstations, servers and high-powered equipment (such as enterprise network switches) we also stock C19/C20 cables.

Colour Options for Safety or Aesthetics

OH&S may require all cables to be high-visibility, which is often orange or yellow. We stock a large range of colours. Alternatively, you may simply be trying to achieve a desired aesthetic, so please browse to find colours you love.