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Gaming Laptops Australia

Looking to buy a gaming laptop? JW offers a range of laptops for gamers for sale online or in-store. Get the ultimate gaming device with a quality graphics processor and a powerful system to support your next adventure. Experience gameplay with outstanding refresh rates and high-resolution visuals. We stock some of the best gaming laptop computer brands such as Asus, Infinity, MSI, Gigabyte, Razer Blade, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, and more. We ship Australia-wide, shop now!

We stock a wide range of gaming laptops, from affordable models that are perfect for gamers on a tight budget, to high-end machines with stunning displays, high-performance video cards and the latest processors. Featuring all of the best gaming laptop brands from across the globe, our selection has been handpicked by experts and every model is very competitively priced. If you are shopping for a gaming laptop in Australia and you want to make sure you get the best deal possible, JW Computers is the place to come. If you’re in Sydney, feel free to drop into one of our stores; if not, you can take advantage of our safe, secure nationwide delivery service. 

  • Do I really need to buy a gaming laptop?

    If you’re not sure whether you really need a gaming laptop, we recommend considering what you intend to do with it and how you currently use laptops/desktop computers. If you only play older, less demanding games such as WoW or Candy Crush, there’s no need for you to even consider gaming laptop computers. On the other hand, if you enjoy the latest titles and need a mobile solution that enables you to play them anywhere at any time, buying a gaming laptop will make a lot of sense for you. For more help, feel free to contact us by phone or email at any time. 

  • What is the best type of gaming laptop for me?

    To answer this question, we need to consider what type of games you play, how often you play them and in what sort of locations. If you want to play the very latest games at the highest frame rates and resolutions, you’ll need to find a gaming laptop for sale with a high-end graphics card and a decent display. On the other hand, if you are happy to dial back the settings and play at lower frame rates and resolutions, one of our more affordable gaming laptop deals could be perfect for your needs. 

  • Is it safe to buy gaming laptops online?

    This depends on where you buy from. You can order a new gaming laptop online from JW Computers with complete confidence as we only sell official imports and we provide a first-class after-sales service to all of our customers. We send gaming laptops to Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and many other locations on a daily basis so we know exactly what we are doing. Every laptop that leaves our Sydney distribution centre is thoroughly inspected and carefully packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. 

  • Are affordable gaming laptops capable of playing the latest games?

    Affordable gaming laptops have come a long way in the last few years and most are now capable of playing a wide range of games at reasonable frame rates. In general, if you don’t mind lowering or turning off some of the in-game settings, such as textures and shadows, you should be able to enjoy recent games at reasonable frame rates. You won’t get the same performance or visual experience as you would from a custom gaming laptop but some of the latest budget models offer surprisingly decent performance at an attractive price point. 

  • Do you offer easy payment options for new gaming laptops?

    If you buy a gaming laptop online from JW Computers, you can choose to use Zip Pay or Zip Money when you reach the checkout stage. These easy payment options enable you to spread the cost of your purchase over a period of weeks or months, with no interest charges unless you are unable to complete the repayments within the agreed timeframe. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to set up a Zip account first but this should only take a few minutes and then you’re ready to go. You can create an account with us as you check out too, which is also a very simple process. 

  • Do you sell gaming laptop accessories too?

    Yes, we do! We carry a full range of gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, gaming mouse pads and other game devices, all of which can be shipped to you with your new gaming laptop. Whether you want the latest gaming mouse or a high-end VR headset, JW Computers has you covered. We also sell a wide selection of gaming chairs and gaming desks to ensure you are comfortable when playing for extended periods of time.