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VDSL Modems and Routers

  • Is a VDSL Modems NBN Compatible?

    While not all modems are NBN compatible, VDSL modems use incoming copper pair cable connections and are one of the several modems you can use to connect to the NBN. A VDSL2 modem is also compatible and is best used for Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Building (FTTB) connections. 

    Using an incorrect modem can cause problems with your network connection, such as:

    • Unable to connect to the network.
    • Low-speed connection or frequent dropouts. 
    • Or NBN may not accept any faults with your connection unless your upgrade to a compatible modem.  
  • Why Buy a VDSL Modem?

    VDSL modems and routers provide reliable, high-speed broadband connections that will accommodate most modern households' internet needs, from video streaming services, to Zoom conferences and online gaming. 

    VDSL is a relatively new technology, giving us faster connection and download speeds of up to 100 Mbps (and VDSL2 is expected to be even faster) than DSL modems and ADSL modems. 

    However, VDSL may be inaccessible, particularly in regional and rural areas and depending on your location. Most Internet Service Providers still offer DSL and ADSL connections in these areas. 

  • Can I get 5G networks with a VDSL Modem?

    5G networks have been gradually rolled out across Australia over the last few years, with more 5G devices becoming available. 5G promises higher speeds and more connections so that we can access information and entertainment at our fingertips even faster. 

    5G connections require 5G modems. Some Internet Service Providers, such as Telstra, will have brand-specific modems with their 5G networks. While 5G is seen as a viable alternative to NBN, it won't replace it entirely, and a VDSL modem will remain necessary for NBN connections.