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Game Controllers

Game controllers and joysticks are where gaming is taken to the next level. There is no better feeling than piloting your starfighter with a joystick. It elevates the gaming experience tenfold. A game controller is also great for muscle memory. With the crossover between Xbox and PC gaming, knowing what buttons do what can give you an advantage over regular players. Check out the masterful collection of Thrustmaster joysticks. If you’re a serious flight simulator fan, or want true immersion into your space trucking fantasies, Thrustmaster is the name you can trust in joystick controllers.

Choosing the right game controller or joystick can dramatically increase your performance in games and the enjoyment that goes along with it.

If you're playing a flight simulator, the sky is the limit, or is it? In any case, you want to start with a great joystick. As you become a better pilot, you may wish to expand your cockpit by purchasing pedals, instrument panels, switches and thrust control.

For driving simulators, we stock the tried and true wheels and pedals from Logitech and Thrustmaster. These are exceptionally fun, particularly when your sound and monitors are complimentary.

We have a range of game controllers, allowing you to connect to your computer via USB.

Having the right controllers just makes things funner. Buy once and buy right - and you'll be happier than a water dragon eating grapes in the sun.