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If you’re a gamer overclocking to maximise your system’s performance, invest in a CPU Cooler. CPU coolers will safeguard your PC from overheating. You can upgrade your CPU’s fan, though depending on your gaming frequency, it may not be enough to cool your PC long-term. Liquid CPU coolers absorb heat from the CPU more effectively and are quieter than fans. Whichever cooling kit you choose, you can make a visual statement with our striking RGB cooling range.

In Australia, it gets bloody hot. Our cooling products are a way to beat the heat for your computer!

We sell pumps, CPU coolers, GPU coolers, full liquid cooling kits to handle your stress tests and overclocking requirements.

We've been building water-cooled PCs for a very long time, and we stock all the tubing we've ever used.

For the majority of applications, air coolers provide a simpler solution over water cooling. Watercooling is more used for enthusiasts and those that leave their computer on for a long time. 

What types of cooling systems are there?

There are two types of cooling systems for your PC: liquid or ‘water cooling’ and ‘air cooling’. 

An air cooling system uses a fan to move heat away from the CPU, to prevent overheating. Liquid or water cooling systems generally use a water block, pump and radiator to efficiently target heat (such as BITSPOWER cooling accessories).

At JW, we offer visually stimulating RGB cooling and computer system cooling parts. Our RGB range is available in liquid or air-based systems and offers striking gaming cooling options for the avid gamer.

Whether you’re looking for a PC cooling fan for your larger business cooling needs or personal use: we’ve got you covered this summer with leading brands such as Coolmaster and Thermaltake.

What are the costs of a cooling system?

Having Computer fans for cooling are generally more affordable than a liquid cooling system. The average price for a PC cooling fan system is around $100, whereas the average cost of a liquid cooling system is around $300. Water naturally has an added advantage over air as water contains a much higher heat capacity. Therefore, while some often also have a fan component, liquid or water cooling systems absorb heat from the CPU more effectively. While more expensive on average, the components of a liquid cooler typically make for a more efficient, and quieter cooling system on average. 


Why buy a cooling system?

Too much heat can wear your computer down over time and decrease the reliability of various components. Thermal throttling causes your PC to slow down and decrease in performance, which is a major problem for gamers over long durations of play. Your CPU, which handles most of the processing in your computer, is usually the culprit for producing the most heat. Over time, heat can be extremely detrimental for your PC, especially during hot Australian days. 


Dust and poor airflow are also contributing factors that will impair the cooling system in your computer. A liquid-cooled PC or PC cooling fan is therefore important in maintaining the life of your computer.