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Toners & Drums

For small to medium offices, JW Computers stocks toners & drums for laser printers for major manufacturers (primarily Hewlett Packard).

For those who are unfamiliar, toners differ to normal ink cartridges by the fact they utilise dry powder instead of liquid ink. 

For monochrome laser printers, we sell pure black toners. These types of printers are usually focused on efficiency, opposed to colour reproduction. They are usually used in offices and schools, where text-based documents are printed regularly.

For photographers and designers, we also stock coloured toners. These are yellow, cyan & magenta. If you're after quality glossy paper we have that too!

The drum is used as the interface between the toner and the paper. As a rule of thumb, the drum will last approximately the same time as 4 toners. The printer usually throws an error message when it's time to replace the drum.