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SATA Cables

Whether you're upgrading your PC or building a new system from scratch, you'll need quality SATA cables to connect your internal hard drives and solid-state drives. When you're ready to customise your PC and need several SATA cables to set up your system, we can help. At JW, we offer a wide range of high-quality power and data SATA Cables for hard drives, SSDs and other storage connections. 

  • Do you need SATA Cables for a SSD?

Yes, you'll need SATA cables for a SSD. Specific solid-state drives will come with SATA cables; however, you may need additional cables to customise the PC. The number of cables you'll need will depend on how many drives you have, as each drive needs individual SATA data and power cables. You'll also need to consider how many SATA ports you have; for example, if you have a motherboard with six SATA ports, the maximum number of SATA cables you can attach is six. 


  • Why Buy Sata Cables?

SATA cables are essential to connect storage devices to your PC's motherboard. Whether it's a hard drive, solid-state drive or another storage device, you'll need at least one type of SATA compatible cable to connect everything. These storage devices will contain several inlet ports, with at least one being a SATA compatible port. There are different types of SATA cables, and the type you need will depend on the capacity, speed, and power source of your storage device. 

  • What Type of SATA Cables are there?

There are several types of SATA cables to suit your needs, each with varying lengths, connection types, speeds and materials. The best SATA cable will depend on your PC setup and intended use. The SATA cables you need may differ from 4K video editing to extended gaming sessions. While there are several types of SATA cables, the two principle connector types are - power and data. SATA power cables, for example, are responsible for supplying additional power while using hard drives. You should be able to differentiate the two by remembering the smaller of the two is typically the data connection, whereas the larger is the power connection. When choosing a SATA cable, be sure to consider the size of your external drive and the speed capability. For example, the SATA 3.0 cables have a high-speed capacity of around 6Gbps. 

Slimline SATA

Slimline SATA cables have ultra-thin connectors perfect for smaller devices 

Micro SATA 

Provides an easy way to connect your SSD or Micro SATA HDD to the computer


20cm to 2 metres these cables are typically shielded and designed for external connection to PCs, via a hard drive or solid-state drive

SATA power cables

Extends the reach between internal SATA power and drive connections to simplify drive installation by overcoming typical connection limitations