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Corsair Mice

Corsair mice are designed to give you the edge you need, no matter the game. An industry leader in gaming mice for FPS, MOBA, and MMO, Corsair mice are built for lightning speed. With ultra-lightweight construction, hyper-fast optical sensors, and patented Corsair Quickstrike buttons, a Corsair gaming mouse makes it easy to take your game to the elite level.

  • What is the Perfect setup with a Corsair gaming mouse?

    Follow the lead of some of the world’s best eSports pros with a Corsair mouse. The best players know that every aspect of their setup needs to be perfect in order to be the very best, and Corsair gaming mice deliver in spades. Patented Corsair Quickstrike buttons have zero gap between the mouse buttons and OMRON switches, offering instantaneous response and hypersonic speed, guaranteed to 50 million clicks. Corsair’s Slipstream wireless technology delivers sub-1ms wireless speeds with a stable signal even at the longest range. Your setup isn’t perfect until it includes a Corsair gaming mouse.

  • Are Corsair Mice Designed for any game, including FPS, MOBA and MMO?

    Whatever your area of expertise, Corsair gaming mice have you covered. Mice like the Corsair M65 are built for FPS specialties, boasting options like a tunable centre of gravity for perfect balance, eight fully programmable buttons, and a precision sniper button. MOBA players will love the speed of the Corsair SABRE, which streaks ahead of the competition with a 26,000dpi optical sensor, lightweight construction (just 76g) and ultra-responsive Corsair Quickstrike buttons. MMO legends will stay one step ahead of the raid with the Corsair Scimitar, which features 12 side buttons for custom macros and button remaps.

  • Are Corsair Mice built for comfort for long sessions?

    Leave the competition in the dust with ultra-comfortable Corsair gaming mice. The Corsair Dark Core mouse includes interchangeable side grips, giving you complete control over the shape and feel of the mouse, while the Corsair IronClaw is ergonomically constructed for larger hands, allowing for comfortable palm grips over even the longest gaming sessions. Those looking for an even greater level of customisable comfort will love the Corsair Nightsword, with two sets of weights and six mounting locations, with weights ranging from 119g to 141g.