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LGA 1700 Motherboards

ASUS MotherboardsASUS Motherboards

The motherboard (MOBO) component is the circuitry that allows computer parts to connect and syncronise through a bus

Motherboards are often overlooked as they do not provide processing, however, a quality motherboard can improve system performance quite substantially.

When selecting a model, research carefully into

  • Maximum RAM amount
  • Maximum RAM speed (MHz)
  • Wifi and networking
  • Ports available (i.e. to accommodate hard drives, SSDs, M.2 drives, fans)
  • Overclocking potential
  • Sound processing
  • Size and design
  • Chipset type & future-proofing

Gamers should be looking to obtain a motherboard that allows for high RAM speed and easy overclocking of the CPU & RAM through the bios.

For office users or everyday PC needs simply choose a model that is reliable, ASUS, MSI & Gigabyte are sound choices.

Please contact us if you require assistance.

The motherboard is the central core of every computer. As the main printed circuit board, it connects with surrounding technology and enables communication between diverse components. Your motherboard is integral to every part of your computer because it connects, coordinates, and allows your hardware and software systems to function as a single machine.

The motherboard is home to your computer's most essential parts, including the central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), computer memory, and multiple slots and connectors for integrated peripherals. At JW, we offer motherboards for sale in multiple product categories and price ranges. 

  • What brands of motherboards do you sell? 

    At JW, we stock a selection of motherboards from multiple brands, including some of the biggest computer companies in the world. We have motherboards from AsRockAsus,

    GigabyteIntelMSI, NZXT, and Supermicro, and we regularly update our stock with the latest generation products. Like other technology components, motherboards differ widely regarding their specifications, with some brands specialising in particular chipsets, CPU sockets, and other product features. If you want to buy motherboards in Australia at a great price, the friendly team at JW is here to help.

  • What are the common parts of a motherboard?

    There are many standard motherboard components, with the physical design of each motherboard allowing it to connect and communicate with the rest of your computer. Common computer motherboard parts include power connectors, data connectors, fans and heat sinks, the CMOS battery backup, and the northbridge and southbridge chipset. Not all motherboards are created equal, however, especially when it comes to advanced technology features and the availability of different ports. At JW, we stock multiple motherboard socket categories, including LGA 1200LGA 1150AM4TR4, and many others.

  • What features are important in a motherboard?

    If you're building a new computer, choosing the right computer motherboard is critical. There are lots of things to consider, including RAM amount and speed, networking capabilities, audio technology, chipset type, and connectivity. Various ports are available, with socket types differing between motherboard designs. If you're building a machine for gaming or looking for maximum performance, it's also important to research the overclocking potential of the motherboard design. The ability to interface with surrounding components is central to the functionality of every motherboard, including CPUs, GPUs, optical drives, sound cards, and RAM.

  • What features are important for a gaming motherboard? 

    While the motherboard itself only has a limited influence on performance, the components it houses and connections it enables are of vital importance. If you're looking to build a new gaming computer, it's essential to get the right kind of motherboard from the outset. As a gamer, the speed and capabilities of the CPU and GPU are both integral to the quality of the gaming experience. In addition to the overall processing speed, gamers should obtain a motherboard that enables high RAM speed and easy overclocking of both the CPU & RAM through the BIOS. At JW, our product knowledge and motherboard deals can't be beaten.

  • What is overclocking?

    Overclocking involves increasing the standard clock rate of a computer component to make it operate at a higher speed. While overclocking normally applies to the CPU or GPU, other components can also be overclocked in some situations. While overclocking is not relevant to all computer users, gamers and others who want to maximise performance can experience huge benefits from overclocking. It's important to be careful, however, with faster processing speeds likely to create more heat in the system. Some motherboards are designed to enable overclocking, as well as with advanced fans and heatsink components.

  • Do you ship from Australia?

    JW is a true Australian business with a nationwide delivery system. We combine fast delivery and quality customer service with competitive prices across the country. From the busy streets of Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra, we ship to every Australian state and territory from three locations in Greater Sydney. Fast and reliable shipping is integral to our business – our team processes orders quickly, ships them fast and provides friendly customer support to people across Australia. If you want motherboards in Sydney or anywhere in Australia, please create an account or contact us today.