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Logitech Keyboard

Logitech keyboards are accessible and versatile, appealing to the office trailblazer by day, and die-hard gamer by night. Their office-oriented keyboards are known for comfort and efficiency with soft press keys and quiet operation. They also have mechanical keyboards geared more towards robust gaming. Whatever your intended use, Logitech has a keyboard to suit you.

  • Which Logitech keyboard should I buy- wired or wireless?

    For ultimate flexibility on the move, Logitech’s wireless keyboards are a functional solution integrating easily into your workflow. As Bluetooth technology innovators, Logitech ensures your wireless keyboard connects with multiple Bluetooth devices while conserving battery power, a game-changer for the hybrid office.

    While gamers tend to choose wired keyboards to resolve input lag issues, Logitech is at the cutting edge of wireless technology for gaming. The G915 Lightspeed mechanical wireless keyboard has low latency, which promises a smooth experience for the serious gamer. This gaming keyboard also has a wired option to give you the best of both worlds.

  • How does Logitech offers sleek keyboard designs?

    With its clean design lines and ergonomic innovation, Logitech raises the bar in office keyboard aesthetics and comfort. The MX wireless keyboard offers premium keyboard functionality in a minimalist package. These compact keyboards ensure ergonomic comfort, while the concave keys reduce typing strain. Backlit keys automatically adjust to the available lighting and turn off when not needed saving on battery power. 

    Pushing the boundaries of ergonomic design is Logitech’s wave-like keyboard Ergo K860. This wireless keyboard allows you to naturally touch-type with a curved, split keyframe that improves typing posture and wrist support.

  • Does Logitech offers keyboards for both gamers & professional use?

    Logitech’s innovative keyboard technology and sleek design puts high level output at your fingertips for both work and play. With the G915 Lightspeed mechanical wireless keyboard, Logitech delivers low latency and high performance to satisfy the serious gamer. The advanced USB technology allows you to enjoy long gaming sessions on a single charge. 

    The G915 is just as effective in an office environment. The low profile switches provide enhanced feedback for typing or gaming. You can switch between customised work and gaming profiles on the one keyboard. Maximise your productivity and kill the competition with this all-in-one supreme Logitech keyboard.