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Mechanical Keyboards

Your mechanical keyboard can make or break your gaming experience. For accuracy, speed, responsiveness, durability, and tactile satisfaction, you need the right gaming keyboard to suit your personal play style and gaming setup. Besides gaming, mechanical keyboards provide an improved typing experience with more robust feedback and precision and are a must-have for touch typists.

  • What makes a keyboard mechanical?

    There are two basic types of keyboard: mechanical and membrane. A mechanical keyboard has an individual switch (and spring) for each key. The physical switches provide you with a better tactile sensation when each key is fully depressed. They are less mushy, and you can clearly feel every keystroke, which is why they’re so popular with gamers and fast typists. On the other hand, the cheaper and more common membrane keyboard has a simple structure of rubber domes which are pushed down with each key press to make contact with a circuit board underneath.

  • What are the Types of mechanical keyboards?

    Your choice of mechanical keyboard depends on which type of switch best suits your needs. The three types of mechanical switches are: linear, tactile, and clicky. Linear switches give a fast and smooth keystroke without any feedback or click, making them a great choice for gamers. Tactile switches provide immediate tactile feedback in the form of a noticeable bump. This lets you know that your keystroke has registered without having to press down to the bottom, enabling faster typing. Clicky switches are a variation of the tactile switch, with an audible click added at the bump point. This switch is for those who need additional feedback, such as beginning typists or those who simply find them fun!

  • Should you buy a mechanical keyboard?

    This is a subjective choice based on your own needs. If you want durability, a mechanical keyboard typically lasts between 30 to 70 million keypresses. The cheaper and more common membrane (rubber dome) keyboards only last for about 5 million keypresses. If you want to raise the bar as a gamer or typist, you’ll get improved speed and accuracy from a mechanical keyboard. Select your preferred switch type, all the way from linear (virtually silent) to clicky, with its excellent tactile and audible feedback, and you’ll have the perfect interface with the digital world.