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Repair Services

Find a Service Desk at all of our locations

Every JW store has a walk in repair centre available 7 days a week for your convenience. We've always got a technician on hand to answer your questions. No pre bookings are required and most repairs are completed within 3-5 business days. Best of all, our repair services are charged at a flat rate so you know exactly how much the repair will cost you before you commit.

Just bring your computer into one of our stores and we will have a technician assess the problem as soon as possible.




Not sure what the issue plaguing your computer may be?

Leave it to us to determine the problem.

Once we figure out the reason behind the issue, we'll give you a fixed price quote to repair it. We don't charge hourly!

Hardware Installation


So you've just bought an awesome new Graphics Card, SSD or RAM.

Let us install it into your computer and get you set up with all the latest drivers.

Refresh your PC!


Is your PC just not running as fast as it used to be?

Let us refresh your operating system, and return your computer back to its former glory.

We'll re-install your windows with the latest drivers and updates.

To really supercharge your PC - this is a great opportunity to install an SSD if you still have an old school hard drive! Ask our technicians to help you choose one that's best for you.

Virus Removal


Have you caught a pesky virus?

Let us scan your PC and remove your virus with our state of the art tools.

If we find that we can't reliably remove a particular virus, we may recommend that you Refresh your PC instead!