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Ethernet Cables

The most reliable connection between devices in your home and your offices is through ethernet CAT6 cables. WiFi can be convenient, but what do you do if the Wi-Fi goes down? Pretty much the only way an ethernet cable goes down is if someone disconnects it or cuts it with a pair of scissors. Highly unlikely. Select different lengths of CAT6 with different thicknesses depending on the environment and the potential wear and tear your network cables may face. You can purchase all of these ethernet cables with AfterPay or Zip, making it easy to make payments. Get your home office wired up, and don’t pay for the full amount.

Ensure the best connectivity on your network, audio-visual system or computers with the highest quality CAT5e and CAT6 network cables.

Different network cable types

Cat 5e - This is the oldest, slowest and most affordable networking cable. And while we say "slow", Cat5e can usually achieve speeds up to 1 Gigabit/s. To put this in perspective, most modern ADSL2+ connects are 100mb/s, so a Cat5e is a fine choice for home networking or small offices. They can usually transmit up to 90 meters in length.

Cat 6 - Usually able to perform up to 10 Gigabit/s. Which is over 10x the transmit rate of Cat5e. So they're an excellent option for those performing advanced amounts of networking, video over network or running servers. The disadvantage to Cat6 is that they're typically limited to 50m. So they're not really an option if you're trying to network a granny flat or shed.

Cat 6a - Like Cat 6, Cat 6a is also capable of delivering up to 10 Gigabit/s, however, these can also perform well over long distances. Cat6a used in all professional or enterprise environments - or for anyone trying to future proof the decision.

10 Gigabit is extremely fast and it's unlikely any home or small office will ever utilise the maximum speed. For this reason, Cat6a is still used instead of fiber for the majority of projects.

In summary - For most people, Cat5e is perfectly fine, as it's likely to be faster than your internet anyway. For advanced users or professional environments, use Cat 6 or higher. It just comes down the the project and how long you're intending on using the network cabling.

Professionals or DIY - JW is here to help

We make it easy for Australian professionals and everyday consumers to complete their networking projects with low prices, other networking equipment and bulk purchasing options for those who wish to become a business partner

High Quality Ethernet Cables for sale at JW Computers

At JW Computers, we understand that all businesses and many households have unique networking needs. That’s why we stock an unrivalled range of ethernet cables that can achieve any purpose and remain reliable for years if not decades to come.

Whether you’re looking for a short ethernet cable to reduce latency when using the internet at home or high-quality, long ethernet cables in Australia that can future-proof your workplace, we have the perfect solution for you.

If you can’t find the right ethernet cables for sale and need a professional to point you in the right direction, visit one of our stores in Sydney or give us a call.

  • Can ethernet cables speed up my internet connection?

    In major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, ethernet cables can speed up your internet connection, though the change in speed may be barely noticeable, depending on how many people are using your network. Ethernet cables in Hobart or Darwin can make a dramatic impact on your internet speed, especially if you live or work in a remote area where wireless connections can prove problematic.

    Our range of latest ethernet cables from our Sydney locations can achieve speeds of between 10Gbps and up to 100Gbps. If you run a busy office with multiple users connected to the same network, our ethernet cables online aren’t just a high-value purchase – they’re a smart investment. Plus, speed isn’t the only thing that ethernet cables in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia are good for.

  • Why do I need a gaming chair?

    If you want to enhance your gaming experience, you need to purchase a quality gaming chair that’ll keep you comfortable for hours at a time. The last thing any gamer wants is to cut a game short due to discomfort. Besides, that discomfort can turn into pain over time. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice your gaming time to keep your back in shape (though you should limit your time responsibly). You simply need to purchase computer gaming chairs that keep your posture in check and let you unlock your full potential.

    Whether you’re searching for gaming chairs in Sydney for racing or gaming chairs in Melbourne to become a legend of World of Warcraft, you’ll find what you need at JW.

  • Can ethernet cables in Brisbane improve cybersecurity?

    ECybercrime is on the rise throughout Australia, but ethernet cables in Brisbane can reduce the chances of you becoming a victim. In fact, for security reasons, ethernet cables are widely considered to be crucial in corporate environments. If you stick to using Wi-Fi, you’ll be making it easier for potential hackers to get into your network, which could cost your business a small fortune.

    With a LAN cable, you get full control over who can access your network, significantly reducing the risk of cybercrime and attacks in the process. If you want to know which ethernet cables in Perth will best protect your business, contact one of our professionals. Alternatively, create an account. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest innovations that can enhance your cybersecurity.

  • Will my internet connection be more reliable if I buy an ethernet cable?

    Buy an ethernet cable, and you can expect your internet connection to be more reliable, with far fewer slowdowns and disconnections than if you were to use Wi-Fi. This is because, compared to Wi-Fi, ethernet cables experience few interruptions from the likes of radio signals and frequencies. Plus, you won’t experience any bandwidth shortages because your bandwidth won’t be shared by multiple connected devices. Our ethernet cables in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have the power to speed up your operations and reduce business downtime. If you’re unsure of which networking cables are best for your unique requirements, check out our range of:

    Whether you need the most reliable ethernet cables in Darwin or the fastest fibre optic cables in Sydney, you can count on JW.

  • Do ethernet cables use less power than Wi-Fi?

    If you’re trying to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, you’ll be glad to know that many ethernet cables require more power than typical Wi-Fi systems. For example, Cat 6 ethernet cables for sale generally consume considerably less power than Wi-Fi. However, because they work best over short distances, they may not be appropriate for enterprise environments. Our range of Cat 6a ethernet cables, however, are perfect for commercial environments. Call us to find out what options we have available, and we can recommend the most economical solutions for your needs.

  • Why buy ethernet cables for sale from JW?

    At JW, we boast one of the broadest ranges of ethernet cables for sale in Australia. Moreover, we won’t be beaten on price. We’ve grown to become one of the most highly recommended suppliers of ethernet cables in Australia due to our fast deliveries, guarantees, and ability to serve the far reaches of our nation, from the busy city centre of Sydney to the remote suburbs of Perth. If you urgently need an ethernet cable but can’t pay upfront, you should learn more about ZipPay. Alternatively, give us a call, and one of our professionals can tell you everything you need to know over the phone.