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Network Accessories

No matter what your connectivity requirements are, JW Computers has the network accessories to get the job done.

When setting up a network in your home for the first time, you may require an ADSL filter, wall plates, custom networking cabling (to provide wired access around your house) or miscellaneous parts. 

Newer laptops often don't come with a network (ethernet) port. So we stock handy network to USB3.0 adapters.

For those who are more serious about their home network, we also stock patch panels. Patch panels are used for homes or offices that require extensive network cabling. Commonly ranging from 12-24 ports in size, this would allow you to run 12-24 cables around your property and each would return to the patch panel. The advantage is that you have one central location, and can easily connect or disconnect wired connections.

Towards the enterprise level, we stock a range of rack equipment, fibre modules, PoE injectors and a variety of Cisco compatible parts.

Or where you looking for networking modems/routers, switches or wireless access points?