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Docking Stations

Docking stations are a simple and hassle-free way to connect your laptop to other peripherals like a second monitor, USB ports for wireless keyboards or a mouse. View our range for both Mac and PC, with different powered options, including USB connectivity, card readers, HDMI cables and more. Make your home office your base of operations, connecting your portable lifestyle and your laptop to much more potential with a docking station from JW Computers.

Laptop docks allow people to expand the functionality of their notebook. Now that laptop hardware is no longer in the shadow of a traditional desktop computer, more people are buying a laptop for their portability, and setting up a monitor, keyboard, mouse and laptop docking stations to allow them the best of both worlds.

Laptop docks come in a huge array of configurations. In the traditional form, a dock will come with power (to charger the laptop whilst plugged in), USB ports (to connect keyboards, mice & printers), video ports (for plugging in multiple monitors) allowing an efficient solution for users to simply place their laptop down and have instant connectivity. These are particularly prevalent in the work environment but are also commonly used in home offices.

Of course, there are lots of specific types of laptop docks. We stock a range of hard-drive expansion devices, USB focused, mini docks (much easier to carry around) and even external gaming docks.

Call us with your laptop model, and your requirements and we can help you identify a solution for you!