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ATX Computer Cases

JW Computers is proud to deliver the biggest range of computer cases. We stock Coolermaster, Inwin, NZXT,  Corsair, Antec, Fractal, Deepcool, Silverstone and many more. The range of cases from JW Computers is available for delivery across Australia.

A computer case is a chassis that houses the componentry of your case. You want a case that is cool, quiet and protects your internal parts.

Regardless of your usage or budget, we're sure to stock a case that you'll love and make a statement at your next LAN party.

All computer cases sold from JW Computers are tried and true models (we use a lot of them in our gaming PCs) and are delightful to work with.

We build computers every day, so you'd hope we know a good case when we use one, right?

They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes called form-factor. Most cases are made of steel, but high-end cases can be made of aluminium or glass. Keep in mind that not all cases come with a power supply, so you may need to get one separately here.

Latest Computer Cases for sale at JW Computers

Whatever your needs, you can feel confident that we can deliver because as well as boasting the largest section of computer cases for sale in Australia, we also offer the best value prices.

We only source desktop computer cases from highly esteemed manufacturers that have our seal of approval. And, we rigorously test all our products before making them available to you, ensuring quality across the board.

Buy PC cases online today, and we’ll have them delivered to you within days, regardless of your location. Plus, thanks to interest-free payment options like Zip Pay, you don’t need to wait until payday to purchase the PC case you need.

  • Are top-of-the-range computer cases for sale worth the price?

    Your computer case houses all the components of your PC. It protects valuable hardware such as your motherboard, CPU and graphics cards. It also plays a role in keeping everything cool to prevent issues with overheating. For those reasons, you should invest wisely in a strong, practical and durable computer case.

    While budget-friendly computer cases for sale are sufficient in many situations, you might want to choose something more robust when building a high-performance custom PC. Compared to the cheapest computer cases deals, pricier options are easier to work with, use less plastic and thicker aluminium/steel, and cool more efficiently.

  • How do I select the most suitable PC cases in Australia?

    When browsing computer cases online, you should first take size into consideration. Do you want to build an ultra-lightweight computer that’s easy to carry around? Or, would you prefer a large, high-performance system to play the best games?

    PC case sizes fall into three categories: full-tower, mid-tower, and mini-ITX. If you intend to use a standard motherboard, you’ll need at least a mid-tower computer case. If you’re building an elaborate custom computer, you may require a full-tower PC case.

  • Besides a computer case, which components do I need?

    If you’re purchasing a computer case as part of a custom computer build, you’ll need a host of additional components to bring your invention to life. Fortunately, at JW, we stock all the parts you need to create the gaming PC of your dreams. On top of desktop computer cases, we supply:

  • What are the benefits of replacing my graphics card?

    Primarily, upgrading your graphics cards is advantageous because it significantly enhances your computer’s visual capabilities. A new display card lets you run more powerful games and improves the image quality, but it can also be useful for editing media and playing hi-res videos.

    Outdated, low-performance video cards can cause your computer to stutter or crash. In some cases, they can hamper the performance capabilities of other hardware systems. To maximise your computer’s performance, you might consider replacing your entire motherboard so that you can upgrade components including the GPU and CPU.

  • Can I get a refund if I purchase the wrong computer case?

    If you receive the wrong computer case or you’re unhappy with your order, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a full refund. All our computer cases for sale can be returned within 14 days. After we receive your PC case undamaged and in its original packaging, we can either give you a refund or a replacement. If you get the wrong size or see signs of damage on your gaming PC case, let us know, and we’ll fix the situation as efficiently as possible.

    Of course, we want to make sure you purchase the right product the first time. If you need help narrowing down your options, we’re only a phone call away.

  • Can I view computer case deals in person?

    Create an account with JW, and you can view all our latest computer case deals online and always be kept up to date with our latest offers and product arrivals. We’re a national supplier of computers, accessories and hardware, serving major business hubs including Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. If you live in Sydney, we welcome you to visit one of our stores. We have four convenient locations in Blacktown, Bankstown, Villawood and Castle Hill, and we’re open seven days a week.

  • Why should I buy computer cases online from JW?

    At JW, we aim to achieve nothing less than 100% satisfaction with every computer enthusiast we serve. We’re not just sales representatives – we’re experienced gamers and technicians that know the ins and outs of the tech you need. And we’re unrivalled when it comes to value and choice.

    If you want to browse the broadest selection of computer cases for sale in Australia, you needn’t look any further than us. Learn more about the benefits of shopping with JW or contact our professionals for more information and advice.