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Wired Mouse

The right computer mouse is a superb way to improve your efficiency. Considering how long you spend on a computer, you may as well have the maximum comfort and performance not just for the mice - but all your peripherals in general.

Mice are largely personal preference. Some of us have larger hands, some of us grip the mouse in a different way and we all use difference mouse pads.

For everyday users, the range from Microsoft and Logitech are excellent. They're simple and understated. They just work - day in and day out. And there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, you can't really play games too well on them, but you're sitting at work waiting to knock off anyway, right?

For gamers and designers - investing in a quality mouse is an excellent way to have a stable, predictable and comfortable mouse for them. As mentioned, it's personal preference, so you may wish to research your choice online or visit our stores to see our range of mice in person.