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Drawing Tablets

Digital drawing tablets are so good for artists. You can have the look and feel of sketching without wasting paper. Make a mistake? Rub it out digitally and try again. Simple. JW has drawing pads starting at a small $129, with a lightweight stylus and free software to download and get going. Lightweight and portable, you can take your drawing tablet with you anywhere. Find a tree in the shade, and sketch your surroundings.  Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile devices can have you saving your work in the cloud right away. Unleash the artist within you today.


Drawing tablets for hand-written notes or doodles, or use it for your work life. The tablet and stylus pens can be connected to your laptop to enhance your illustrations.

We have asked artists if they actually benefitted from using a tablet over the mouse - and the answer was a resounding "yes". Purely for the fact that the ergonomics or how it feels in their hand, allowed them to draw more naturally and expressively. Of course, there are exceptions to this.

How much you spend, is really where you're up to in terms of your drawing career. Cheaper options may do the job, however, if you are using them on a daily basis you may wish to spend more.

We typically stock drawing tablets from WACOM, who are well known in the industry.