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Noise Cancelling Headsets & Microphones

Headsets can offer an excellent audio experience. JW Computers stock a large range of headphones, microphones and headsets to accommodate casual gamers, office workers, audiophiles and those who put their last earbuds through the wash.

For gaming, we recommend people obtain a headset with a large sound stage. The larger the soundstage, the more detail and directionality can be expressed. For example, games have 360 degree sound, so a headphone with a large sound stage will help you distinguish the location of noises (i.e. footsteps) more clearly. Headphones with smaller sound stages (such as earbuds) do not offer great directionality.

Gamers may wish to purchase a headset with an inbuilt microphone or use a clip-on or desktop mounted microphone separately.

For everyday users wanting ear-buds for their phone, or noise-canceling headphones. We have a large range from Audio Technica and Bose to select from. Both of these manufacturers are renowned in the industry. These are typically better for music.

For office workers wanting a headset for Skype or conference calls and aren't concerned about superb quality - any of the lower priced options (particularly Logitech) should do the trick!