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Logitech Mice - Wired & Wireless

When you buy a Logitech mouse, you’re purchasing reliability, performance, and the latest technology. Whether you’re a gamer or designer, or you simply need a mouse for the home office, Logitech has something for you. Perfect for gaming, business, or travel, start with an affordable everyday mouse or upgrade to an innovative ergonomic design.

  • Do Logitech offer the best gaming mice on the market?

    While Logitech caters to everyday users, they're known to produce some of the best gaming mice on the market. Logitech has gaming mice to suit any setup with low latency, fast speeds, and customisable designs. Leaders in wireless mice, their LIGHTSPEED technology ensures frictionless glide, advanced precision, responsive performance, and robust connectivity. There's a reason the world's leading esports professionals choose Logitech’s wireless gaming mice. The Logitech G Pro X Superlight mouse is one of the most advanced gaming mice. At just 63g, it’s incredibly light and doesn’t compromise on quality, performance, or structure.

  • What type of mice does Logitech offer?

    While Logitech mice are popular amongst pro gamers, they’re also a popular choice for everyday users. Offering a range of wired or wireless mice for business, travel, home use, and gaming, you can choose from affordable entry-level mice or upgrade to a sleek and innovative design.  

    Logitech is a leader in ergonomic design, creating comfortable mice suitable for daily use. Their range of ergonomic mice provide an innovative alternative to traditional mice. These mice provide a natural posture for your hands, reduce muscle strain, relieve wrist discomfort, and relax your upper body.

  • How can I be more competitive with Logitech's gaming mouse software?

    Logitech leads the way in gaming products, and the introduction of its innovative wireless technology, LIGHTSPEED, is no exception. It’s easy to see why more gamers are ditching the cord and upgrading to a Logitech wireless mouse - ensuring the same exceptional latency, connectivity, and power as a wired mouse. It doesn’t stop there. Serious gamers will love the Logitech G 25K HERO sensor for its unrivaled precision, speed, and consistency. Win more tournaments with the 1ms LIGHTSPEED technology and feel confident in intense gameplay with ultra-fine control, accuracy, and POWERPLAY continuous charging.