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Cisco Compatible Cables

Cisco routers for LAN, and WAN in corporate and enterprise settings are extremely common. To connect and communicate with the routers, you need Cisco-compatible cables, which JW Computers has for you. You can find USB/USB 3.1 to Rj45 in stock to help you connect to the server without the need for an adaptor. We can give you cable lengths up to 1.8 metres, and plenty of cable to run into a maze of a server room. Pay through PayPal, Zip, AfterPay or with a credit card, and we can have your cabling dispatched within two business days.

As the name of the category would suggest, Cisco Compatible Cables are designed to work with Cisco networking equipment.

Cisco has dominated enterprise networking for a long time, and almost every school, university or large business will be using some Cisco equipment.

We have USB/USB3.1 to Rj45 to easily connect your laptop to the server without the need for an adapter, these are 1,800mm in length because we know how awkward server rooms can be.

Crossover cables are usually used to connect a switch to a switch (or any device to device configuration that does not involve a switch). Crossover cables neatly crossover the transmit pins 1+2 to receive ports 3+6 pin positioning so two devices can communicate.

We also stock a range of Cisco serial cables (for device control), SS-26, console cables and more!