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Gaming Headsets

  • What types of gaming headsets are there?

    There is a huge range of wireless, and wired gaming headphones, many of which focus on harnessing and isolating immersive sound quality through noise-cancelling features. A gaming headset can come with an attached mic, and headphones typically come with integrated mics. There are many gaming microphones available, meaning that you can purchase one alongside your gaming headphones to achieve higher audio quality. 

    At JW we supply gaming headsets from leading brands such as Logitech, Turtle Beach, and Razer, which provide comfort, durability, and style. Our captivating range of multi-coloured display RGB gaming headsets, allow the wearer to visualise audio and personalise their gaming aesthetic.

  • Why buy a gaming headset?

    The quality of your audio has a significant impact on how immersive your gaming experience can be. A gaming headset is therefore ideal for competing gamers. Whether you’re buying a gaming headset for your PC, Xbox or PlayStation, truly investing in a high-quality gaming headset can take your gaming experience to the next level.  In particular, noise-cancelling headsets and microphones allow for a highly immersive audio experience and provide a world of immense focus to the gamer. The aid of noise-cancelling headsets also allows for crystal clear conversations and gives the gamer a competitive edge against other players.

  • What are the costs of gaming headsets?

    The cost of a gaming headset is determined by what kind of audio experience you’re seeking. On average, the price of a gaming headset can be anywhere from $100 to 350. 

    Wired headsets are generally more affordable in comparison to wireless headphones.

    If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, consider investing your money in some key headset features that focus on comfort, wireless technology, and noise-cancelling capability. In the long run,  selecting headphones with comfortable ear cups and cushioning bands to suit long hours of gaming will be well worth the investment.