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Ink Cartridges

When you need to replace your printer's ink, call JW Computers as we stock ink cartridges for all the major models.

We have over 140 types of cartridges for all the major printer models, including brother, HP & Canon. We stock black ink, as well as cyan, magenta, yellow and tri-color options.

We only stock official products from the printer manufacturer. If you use non-official ink, it's possible the manfacturer will void the warranty on the device.

Ink cartridges are usually rated in pages. While higher page count ink is usually more expensive, it can actually be a smarter economical choice, as there's less need to re-fill the printer and less hassle overall.

How do I know what ink to buy?

The easiest solution is to 

1) Locate the model number of your printer OR locate the manual

2) Search for the manufacturer + model online - find the brochure

3) Under "Consumables" there should be a reference to the ink cartridge numbers acceptable

4) Search for the consumable's number in JW's search field

Remember, if you have a laser printer, they require a toner cartridge, JW sell toner replacements here.