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DisplayPort Cables

DisplayPort cables are highly prevalent, DisplayPort 1.2 and higher is capable of outputting 3840 x 2160 resolutuion and can carry audio (under the assumption devices have the correct driver to support audio).

There is a small form-factor version of displayport referred to as Mini DisplayPort, which is commonly used in Apple devices and some laptops.

DisplayPort supports Nvidea's G-Sync and AMD's Freesync technologies, so gamers can have a smooth gaming experience on their gaming monitors.

It is also possible to convert Displayport to USB-C to result in a modern, lightweight cable.

DisplayPort cables cannot be converted into an ethernet cable, so they aren't utilised in video over network scenarios as much, and are more geared towards shorter distances (i.e. laptop dock to monitor).

One DP cable is capable of supplying signal to multiple monitors (an advantage over HDMI) by using a daisy chain setup.

High Quality Display Port Cables for sale at JW Computers

At JW Computers, we’re always on the lookout for the latest tech, gadgets and accessories that can enhance your computer’s performance and your gaming experience, and our broad range of display port adapters are no exception.

All our display port cables for sale are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers that fully comply with Australia’s strict safety and quality standards. Despite this, we offer the best value prices on display port cables in Australia.

Browse our DP cables for sale today, and you’re bound to find the perfect solution for you in our vast collection. Alternatively, create an account for news and updates, or get in touch for professional advice.

  • Can a display port cable improve my productivity?

    A display port cable is capable of transmitting signals at lightning speed – we can almost guarantee you’ll never experience any lag when using one of our top-quality products. Additionally, you can use display ports in Sydney to connect multiple monitors to your laptop or PC stack. And, using more than one monitor has been proven to boost productivity dramatically.

    With display ports in Melbourne, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, you can connect multiple screens together using just one cable. Imagine how much faster you could get your work done without having to continuously flick back and forth through tabs. Learn more about the benefits of our display port cables for sale by calling us or visiting one of our stores.

  • Will a new display port cable enhance my gaming experience?

    A display port cable guarantees to improve your gaming experience because it provides the highest performance specifications for PC displays. This means that display ports in Brisbane allow you to see graphics and hear audio like never before. If you want a crystal clear gaming experience, we highly recommend switching from a HDMI cable to a DP cable.

    It’s important to think about your style of gaming and the types of game you play before deciding whether to buy display port cables. Fortunately, if you’re unfamiliar with the specifics, our tech-savvy gaming enthusiasts are only a phone call away, and they love nothing more than discussing the latest and best accessories for PC gaming.

  • Should I purchase a HDMI cable or a DP cable?

    Most people are familiar with HDMI cables, but less people are aware of the DP cable or how it compares to more conventional options. Both HDMI cables and DP cables for sale can be used to connect monitors to PCs and laptops and transmit high-quality video. HDMI cables transmit both audio and video, where DP cables online might only transmit video. We have a variety of DP cables for sale that can transmit HD audio and video. Simply call us, and we can tell you what will best suit your needs.

    Display port cables have many advantages over HDMI cables. For starters, one DP cable can connect multiple screens, and because it supports AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, it offers an exceptional gaming experience. Whether you should choose DisplayPort or HDMI often comes down to what outlets your PC has. If you need more information and advice, we recommend giving us a call.

    Some of our other popular gaming computer cables include:

    As the nation’s leading supplier of computers and accessories, we can cater to any gaming need, whether you need display ports in Adelaide, HDMI cables in Sydney or ethernet cables in the remote suburbs of Hobart.

  • Why buy DP cables from JW Computers?

    Buy DP cables from JW computers, and you can expect a speedy delivery and a high-quality product. We only source the best DP cables on the market, and we believe our display port cables for sale can’t be beaten on value. If there’s anything wrong with your order, you’ll be glad to know we can offer a full refund or a replacement. Plus, if you can’t quite cover the cost of your display ports in Perth upfront, you can pay via Zip, allowing you to pay in affordable, interest-free instalments.

  • How do I order and pay for DP cables online?

    If you want to order DP cables online, simply search through our product pages to find the most suitable solution for you, add it to your basket, choose your preferred payment option, and then simply sit back and wait for your DP cable to arrive. We always aim to dispatch orders the day we receive them. Whether you need single-monitor display ports in Hobart or the latest display ports in Darwin, you needn’t look any further than JW. Get in touch for more information. We’ll be happy to offer advice to help you purchase the right DisplayPort cable the first time. Alternatively, if you live in Sydney, feel free to drop by one of our stores.