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SVGA Cables

Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) are thicker than VGA cables, and offer better shielding (when unshielded cables are laid next to a high-powered cable or device, this can cause interferance in the video signal).

SVGA cables cannot typically exceed 2048x1536 resolution @ 85Hz.

SVGA cables are used in shorter runs, usually no more than 30 metres in length (our maximum length model).

These cables do not transmit audio, however can be purchased in a variant that comes with a 3.5mm cable in the same sheath.

Be sure to check what combination of male and female terminations you require for your project! Talk to our staff if you need help.

SVGA and VGA cables are almost obsolete and are typically only used for legacy devices or used as replacements. Use newer technology if you can.