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Gaming Mice

Complete your gaming setup with the very best selection in gaming computer mouses. We’ve got the top brands in PC gaming such as Corsair, Razer, Asus, Logitech, Kensington and more. Shop our range of Computer mice today.

  • What Are the Types of Gaming Mice?

    Gaming mice come in a wide variety of types with each tailored to enhance different types of gaming experiences and user comfortabilities. The most basic distinction is wired vs wireless mice. Wired mice are good for stationary gamers, or those that aren’t traveling with their PC and do not need to constantly pack and unpack their PC. Wireless mice are becoming more popular, but the drawback is they need to be recharged or have their batteries placed while a wired mouse is plugged directly into the PC. The size, ergonomics, and sensitivity of the mouse are also things to be considered. Sensitivity is measured in dots per inch (or dpi) and the higher the dpi translates to the faster the mouse will move. All of these things should be considered when looking for a mouse that fits your playing style. 

  • Why Buy a Gaming Mouse?

    A gaming mouse has unique and special features that separate it from a regular mouse. While you can play video games with a regular mouse, it will not have the same shortcut keys, customisable tweaks, high dpi, and durability of a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse is more sensitive which will really matter in fast-paced games and is more durable which will ensure that it lasts longer than a standard mouse. The extra buttons on the sides of a gaming mouse will also come in handy when you need to make a quick action or reaction in the middle of an intense match. 

  • What is the Best Gaming Mouse for FPS Games?

    For FPS, the unanimously voted gaming mouse of choice is the Logitech G502 Lightspeed. This mouse is not only the best FPS mouse used by many pro gamers, but it is also one of the best wireless mice on the market, period. Boasting an incredible 25,600 dpi sensor and an almost zero latency wireless connection, this mouse is the real deal. Latency refers to the travel time from wireless mouse to PC and you’re going to want this as close to zero as you can possibly get it. The G502’s shape makes it fit comfortably under your palm and the hard plastic makes it a durable mouse that will last a long time.