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Kingston 8GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM 1.35V Memory

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Kingston 8GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM 1.35V Memory

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8GB Module - DDR3L 1600MHz

Part Number: KVR16LS11/8

Specs: DDR3L, 1600MHz, Non-ECC, CL11, 1.35V, Unbuffered, SODIMM,

CAS latency Column Address Strobe (CAS) latency, or CL, is the delay time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a particular memory column on a RAM module, and the moment the data from the given array location is available on the module's output pins. In general, the lower the CAS latency, the better. 11
Internal memory A computer's memory which is directly accessible to the CPU. 8 GB
Memory layout (modules x size) How the overall memory of the product is put together, defined by the number of modules and the size. 1 x 8 GB
Internal memory type The type of internal memory such as RAM, GDDR5. DDR3L
Memory clock speed The frequency at which the memory (e.g. RAM) runs. 1600 MHz
Component for What this product is used as a part of (component for). Notebook
Memory form factor Design of the memory e.g. 240-pin DIMM, SO-DIMM. 204-pin SO-DIMM
Buffered memory type Unregistered (unbuffered)
ECC ECC means Error Correction Code, and it is memory that is able to detect and correct some memory errors without user intervention.
Memory bus Hardware and software that connects the main memory to the memory controller in computer systems. Originally, general-purpose buses like VMEbus and the S-100 bus were used, but to reduce latency, modern memory buses are designed to connect directly to DRAM chips, and thus are designed by chip standards bodies such as JEDEC. 64 bit
Memory voltage The voltage (V) of the memory in the device. 1.35,1.5 V
Module configuration 1G X 64
Row cycle time 48.125 ns
Refresh row cycle time 260 ns
Row active time 35 ns
Lead plating Gold
Operational conditions
Operating temperature (T-T) The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely operated. 0 - 85 °C
Storage temperature (T-T) The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely stored. -55 - 100 °C
Weight & dimensions
Width The measurement or extent of something from side to side. 67.6 mm
Height The measurement of the product from head to foot or from base to top. 30 mm
Other features
Chips organisation X8
Bus clock rate 1600 MHz
Error indication
Rack mounting The type of mounting that can position devices in a shelving system (rack). 204-pin SODIMM
Memory layout Describes how memory is plugged on the motherboard 1 x 8192 MB
Internal memory The amount of memory, usually measured in bytes (e.g. MB, GB), which is installed in the system's hardware. 8192 MB
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SKU 217063
Brand Kingston
Product Condition Brand New/Unused
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Form Factor SODIMM
Stock Availability Available for Shipping
Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty
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