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Curved Monitors

JW Computers offers a vast selection of curved monitors that can offer excellent peripheral experience for gaming and business use. Praised for their advanced technology capabilities and crisp resolution size, you are sure to pick something to suit your needs.
  • Why buy a curved monitor?

    Much more than your typical monitor, ultrawide curved monitors will turn your screen time into a high-definition, immersive experience. Designed to enhance visual clarity and comfort while reducing image distortion, curved monitors are ideal for creative professionals and gamers alike. These models complement the rounded structure of the human eye, significantly reducing eye fatigue while offering  a superior field of view. Directing light from all angles, curved screens enhance ocular perception and expand on peripheral vision. They breathe life into flat, lifeless images. 

    It’s time to show off those curves. Shop  JW’s range of curved monitors today. 

  • Are curved monitors good for gaming?

    For PC gamers looking to boost their productivity, curved monitors are the answer. Recent optical studies have shown that eye strain can be reduced by up to 60% when looking at curved 3D displays as opposed to their flat counterparts. Visual search performance is also greatly improved, meaning that text can be read faster and visual elements are interpreted more effectively. For gamers, this can boost performance and contribute to a more comfortable gaming experience.    

    Besides the indisputable benefits for eye health, curved monitors reduce distortion at the edges of the monitor, thereby offering a wider perceived field of view and providing the viewer with a superior level of immersion.

  • How much is a curved monitor?

    JW stocks a wide range of curved monitors suitable for all budgets, ensuring that you can find the option most appropriate for your gaming or professional needs. 

    To see our full range of desktop displays, browse our range of monitors and specialised gaming screens