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GMR Gaming PCs

GMR Core Gaming PCGMR Core Gaming PC
GMR Premium Gaming PCGMR Premium Gaming PC
GMR Enthusiast Gaming PCGMR Enthusiast Gaming PC
GMR Legendary Gaming PCGMR Legendary Gaming PC
GMR Core Gaming PCGMR Core Gaming PC
GMR Premium Gaming PCGMR Premium Gaming PC
GMR Enthusiast Gaming PCGMR Enthusiast Gaming PC
GMR Legendary Gaming PCGMR Legendary Gaming PC
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While a lot of people like to build their own gaming PC, this isn’t an option that suits everyone. GMR has ready-to-go Gaming desktops for less fuss and more play. With cutting-edge hardware, stunning graphics, and lightning-fast speeds, a GMR gaming PC delivers the performance you need to take your gaming to the next level. Browse your extensive collection today and experience gaming like never before.

Building the best gaming PC for Australia’s gaming enthusiasts

Due to having a complete and compatible system right out of the box, pre-built gaming PCs offer unparalleled convenience, saving you the time and effort of researching and selecting individual components. At JW Computers, we’ve been a leading supplier of technologies ranging from desktops and laptops to mobile phones for over 20 years. In addition to sourcing the best gaming PCS from the world’s most trusted brands, we can also have a gaming PC prebuilt according to your specifications. Check out our own-brand GMR gaming PCS for sale for the best gaming experience

  • Building a Custom Gaming PC at JW Computers

    At JW, we put the power in your hands with our customised gaming computers. With our customisation service, you have the freedom to select the GMR barebone system, processor, graphics card, and warranty from a range of our most popular GMR models. This allows you to build your very own dream gaming setup based on your individual preferences and budget. Whether you're looking for high-end specifications or a more affordable option, we've got you covered.

  • What to Look For When Buying a Gaming Desktop

    A GMR gaming pc comes with all the bells and whistles of a true gaming rig with new generation of hardware. Depending on budget, Look at the PC's processing unit (PU), graphics processing unit (GPU), random access memory (RAM), storage capacity, and cooling system are some of the most important aspects that you should consider. Along with the technical specifications of the PC, we also recommend factoring in the overall design, size, and price to find a gaming desktop that fits your needs. 

  • What type of gaming PCs do you sell?

    We boast one of the broadest selections of gaming computers Australia has to offer, and each is fitted with the most advanced components – from storage devices to graphics cards – to make sure nothing interrupts or diminishes your gaming experience. If you want to get up and running with your new desktop as quickly as possible, you might want to purchase a prebuilt gaming PC. Our specialists can recommend the best prebuilt gaming PC for you based on the games you play. 

    If you want to buy a desktop with a little more computing power than a standard fully built gaming PC, you should talk to us about customisation options. Thanks to our skills, in-depth expertise on the top gaming PC brands and proven track record of success, you can feel confident that nothing is beyond our capabilities. 

    In addition to pre-built, customisable and affordable gaming PCs, some of our most popular products include: 

    If you want to buy a prebuilt gaming PC that you can use for work or leisure, you’ll find what you need here at JW Computers.

  • What's a Good Starter Gaming PC?

    There are several features that make PCs from our GMR core range ideal for those just dipping their toes into the gaming world. Many of our models feature at at least 8GB of RAM, if not 16GB, which is even better. Having enough RAM will help guarantee that your PC can run multiple programs and applications at once without slowing down. Along with RAM, the amount of storage a PC comes with is also important. Our range features PCs with a solid-state drive (SSD) of at least 256GB, ensuring fast boot times and quick access to your games and applications.

    Along with these features, you'll want to consider the graphics card. A dedicated graphics card with at least 4GB of VRAM will play most games. This will also enable your games to both look great and run smoothly at high frame rates.

    Lastly, another factor worth considering is the overall build quality and cooling system of the PC. A well-built gaming PC with good cooling will ensure that your system stays cool and runs reliably for years to come. We recommend looking for a PC with upgradable components, such as additional RAM or storage, so that you can easily upgrade your system as needed.

  • What Else Should I Buy With My Gaming PC?

    Some must-have accessories to buy alongside your gaming pc can include: 

    • Gaming chairs, which offer ergonomic support and comfort to help prevent fatigue and maintain good posture during gaming marathons. 
    • Gaming monitors,  which offer higher refresh rates, faster response times, and better colour accuracy to enhance the overall gaming experience. 
    • Gaming headsets, which include immersive audio quality and noise-cancellation, allowing gamers to fully engage with their games and communicate effectively with their teammates.
    • Gaming keyboards, which provide gamers with increased accuracy, speed, and customisation options during gameplay.
    • A gaming mouse, which offers higher sensitivity and faster tracking than a regular mouse, meaning gamers can achieve greater precision and speed while playing. 
    • Gaming mouse pads, which provide a consistent, smooth surface and precise tracking that can lead to a better overall gaming experience.