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Intel Core 8th Gen CPU / Processors

Ready for a CPU upgrade? JW stock CPUs from Intel & AMD for your all processing needs.

For office use, we simply recommend people start by looking at an i3 or Ryzen 3. These chips are more than capable of multitasking your way through office software, calendars, browsers and supporting your professional life.

The next upgrades would be an Intel i5 or Ryzen 5, allowing you to play games or perform multi-tasking to a very high standard.

The Intel Core i7 or Core i9 and the Ryzen Threadripper are generally for people performing a large amount of media editing or demanding tasks. 

There are "X" and "K" versions of some CPUs. This letter indicates the CPU is unlocked, allowing the user to overclock the chip at their own risk.

Our staff is here to help you select the right processor without spending more than you need.

Industry leading CPU Processors for sale at JW Computers

Upgrade your CPU processor, and you can look forward to a smoother and improved experience when gaming, working and surfing the web. In some cases, installing a new PC CPU can extend the lifespan of your desktop or laptop.

We have CPUs for just about all computers, regardless of make and model. Thanks to having such a vast selection, we’re bound to have a processor that’s perfect for your needs.

We aim to offer the best-value CPU prices in Australia. See our low prices for yourself by browsing our CPU deals. For more information on processors & CPUs, feel free to get in touch.

  • Will I need a new CPU socket?

    You need a CPU socket to attach a CPU unit to your computer’s motherboard. In the past, most CPUs were compatible with several sockets. Nowadays, however, many CPUs are manufactured to fit just one CPU socket, which means you might need to purchase a new one when you upgrade your processor.

    We stock a broad selection of sockets for processors & CPUs that can surpass your computer’s lifespan. With value and durability in mind, we only source CPU processors from the world’s leading manufacturers. Some of our most popular CPUs include:

  • From which brands do you source CPUs?

    At JW, we aim to be the go-to store for CPUs in Australia. That’s why we only stock CPU processors that have our seal of approval and make them available at the nation’s best-value prices.

    Because we prioritise value, durability and performance, we source CPUs from market-leading brands like Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel. Since 2017, AMD has established itself as one of the most innovative manufacturers of processors for desktops, servers and mobiles. And Intel’s global reputation for excellence speaks for itself.

    Our most sought-after CPUs are:

  • Will a new CPU unit improve my computer’s performance?

    A new CPU unit will almost certainly give your PC’s performance a boost. Upgrading your hardware can eliminate stuttering, improve your graphics, prevent crashes, and much more. You should check to see how much processing power your computer uses while gaming. If you’re continuously close to 100%, now’s the time to replace your CPU processor.

    In some cases, it’s worth upgrading your computer’s entire motherboard, in which case you can upgrade the CPU unit along with hardware items like graphic cards and USB ports. For advice, contact the gaming experts at JW.

  • Can I buy a CPU from a physical JW store?

    If you don’t want to order a CPU online, whether it’s because you’re worried about purchasing the wrong one or can’t wait more than a few hours to start gaming, we welcome you to visit one of our physical stores.

    We have four stores located throughout Sydney in Bankstown, Blacktown, Castle Hill and Villawood. Visit us, and our gaming enthusiasts will be glad to show you our CPUs and discuss pricing, warranties, compatibility and specs.

    Unsure of how to attach a new CPU unit to your computer’s motherboard? Feel free to ask us for advice. Bring your computer, and we’ll be able to offer CPU unit recommendations.

  • What happens if I buy the wrong computer CPU?

    We understand that mistakes can happen. If you order the wrong computer CPU, you can simply return it to us for a full refund. Provided the CPU unit is undamaged and in its original packaging and returned to us within 14 days. We can either provide a refund or a replacement equivalent to the unit’s purchase price.

    Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is one of our core values. If you want to eliminate the risk of getting the wrong order, we recommend getting in touch with one of our experts, who can guide you through your options and offer advice based on your unique needs.

  • Why buy processors & CPUs from JW?

    At JW, we go above and beyond to make our services as customer-friendly as possible. That’s why our doors are open seven days a week, allowing you to get rapid answers whenever you experience any issues. And, you get traceable shipping on deliveries, meaning you can always keep track of your CPU processor order.

    If you can’t pay the full price of your CPU unit right now, you can choose to pay later via Zip Pay. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with a full refund if you’re unhappy with your purchase. Create an account to buy your CPU online today.

  • What CPU do I need?

    As a rule of thumb, office users should look at the Intel G range, Intel i3 range and AMD Ryzen 3.

    For standard gaming or for those wanting a bit more power from the system, the Intel i5 and Ryzen 5 series is an excellent option, even the lowest models in these series will perform quite well. These will also suit people using photoshop or small amounts of 3D work.

    For people performing video editing, rendering, media work, 4k gaming and heavy tasks, we suggest you consider at least an i5, but probably an Intel core i7 or AMD Threadripper or above.

  • How do I know what socket I need?

    If you are purchasing a new system. On the product page or specification of the respective CPU, you should see an option "Sockets Supported" and a code next to it, such as 1151.

    With this information, you would select a motherboard that also offers compatibility for the same socket.

    If you are purchasing a new CPU for an old motherboard - you can either look up the model of the motherboard online and view the socket.

    If you are unable to physically locate your motherboard's model number. Click Start > Run> Type "Dxdiag" and view the information under System Manufacturer and System Model, which will tell you what motherboard you have.

  • Is overclocking worth it?

    It depends on what you value as a PC owner. Unlocked processors that are overclocked are generally paired with an upgraded cooler. Overclocking pushes more power through the chipset - so it runs warmer. For those that would like an easy to set up, easy to maintain and trouble-free computing experience. Overclocking is probably more trouble than it's worth.

    Overclocking requires an understanding of the BIOS, core multipliers, how to monitor temperatures, how to benchmark and how to troubleshoot issues. With this information, OCing really only suits people who are enthusiastic about custom PCs in general - not everyday users. For people looking for the most bang for their buck. Choosing an i5 or AMD CPU and overclocking can achieve great results. For example, an Intel i5 9600k is 4.6GHz stock - these are commonly OC'd to over 5GHz, which is faster than the more expensive Intel i7 9700k. People looking to maximise performance, benchmarking or perform demanding tasks such as video rendering will definitely benefit from overclocking.