Thermaltake Commander FP 10-Port PWM Fan Hub

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10 x 3-pin/4-pin output, 1 x 4-pin input, SATA Power, 5 x beaded cable ties, 2 x velcro tabs

Thermaltake Commander FP 10x Fan Hub - 10 x 3-pin/4-pin output, 1x 4-pin input, SATA Power, 5 x beaded cable ties, 2 x velcro tabs.

Ports & interfaces

Hub interfaces A hub is a device for connecting multiple devices together. The hub interface is where the hub connects to other devices via input/output (I/O) ports.
Ports quantity The number of ports or external interfaces to which other equipment can be connected.


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81 mm
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44 mm
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18 mm
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90 g
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