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SSD - Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SSDs) get their name because they store data in circuits with no moving parts. The result makes SSD hard drives much smaller and faster than HDDs. They’re the hard drive of choice for rapid, power-intensive usage, such as gaming. Shop our range of SSD's to get the best performance for you.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) is a memory technology comprised of no moving parts. They come in a variety of form factors with the most common being 2.5" SATA or M.2.

2.5" SATA SSDs use two cables, one SATA cable to the motherboard, and one power cable to the power supply.

M.2 or PCie SSDs are a chip which connects directly to a receiving port on the motherboard.

Solid state memory offers exceptional performance. M.2 SSDs are typically faster than SATA SSDs in benchmarks, though the real world difference is hard to notice.

SSDs are an awesome upgrade as they store the operating system and programs, allowing the computer to boot quickly and data (programs) to be access quickly.

It is also possible to replace an old laptops 2.5" HDD with a 2.5" SSD with some skill.

JW Computers is proud to deliver the biggest range of solid state drives from 128GB to 4TB!

We stock brands such as Samsung, Intel, Kingston, Crucial, Adata, WD, Seagate, Transcend, Corsair and more. 


What is an SSD?

SSD stands for solid state drive which means it is a storage device that uses circuit assemblies that are integrated to store data using flash memory. It is similar to a hard drive (HDD) in function except that data is stored on interconnected flash-memory chips and are more reliable and much faster than a USB drive. They are much smaller than typical hard drives and allow for more flexibility with your PC, even being able to be mounted directly onto the motherboard. SSDs are the new standard for PCs and devices like the Apple Macbook Pro do not offer HDD even as a customizable add-on. It is believed that over the next 5-10 years hard drives will be phased out completely. So, it may be in your best interest to make the switch (if you haven’t already) before you’re stuck playing catch up in the future.

What SSD Should I Get?

Picking the right SSD for you depends on a number of factors, whether your pc has slots for M.2 drives is one thing to consider. For gaming, you want optimal performance, but this is dependent on what games you are running and how much storage you are looking for. As a rule of thumb, you should not get any storage less than 256GB. Between 500GB and 1TB of storage is the best price-to-capacity ratio for someone just starting out. SATA drives are most common and cheaper, but NVMe/PCIe or Optane drive technologies are undeniably better. Our pick for the best SSDs on the market would be either the WD Black SN850 (500GB), WD Black SN750 (500GB), or the Seagate FireCuda 530 (1TB). All of these SSDs are M.2 drives though, so be sure your PC supports this type of device.

How Much Storage Can an SSD Hold?

For consumer PCs, the most common storage capacities range from 128GB to about 2TB. However, there are some stand-alone SSDs that have 4TB available. And on some high-end computers, this can go up to 8TB of SSD storage. Of course, the most storage space isn’t always necessary as this depends on your specific gaming needs. It is best to do further research before your go and make a purchase. When you are ready to make a purchase, we are sure to have the best option for you from a wide range of brands that we carry.