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Best Gaming Mice

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Best Gaming Mice

A mouse is one of the core peripherals for any gamer and one of the most important parts of a gaming setup. Buying and selecting the best gaming mice depends on various factors. Every gamer has their individual preference when it comes to selecting a gaming mouse. This depends on factors like size, design, build quality, weight, the sensor, DPI, programable buttons and whether to go wired or wireless. There are different choices for mice as well depending on the type of games you play, being MMO or FPS.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, we have shortlisted few of our favourite gaming mice.

Steelseries Rival 600

Let’s start with the price; the mouse is not too expensive or too cheap either. It just fits in the ‘middle’ category. The coating on the side grips and the buttons is smooth silicon based which feels awesome to the touch and a pleasant grip. The side sections are magnetic and pop out when force is applied to the mouse. These sections reveal 4 pockets on each side which are for weight adjustments. A rubber pouch is included with the mouse that carries the weight in it. With all the weights you can add up to 32 grams if you prefer a heavy mouse. The DPI switch is a little larger compared to it’s previous versions. The primary buttons have a muted audible actuation and are extremely satisfying with pressure and travel distance the middle click on the mouse is also smooth and responsive. The side buttons are small but easy to click plus there is a third side button as well. The Rival 600 comes with a non-braided removable button. It also comes with RGB illumination that can be controlled with Steelseries’ desktop software. The coolest part of this mouse is the sensor, the main tracking sensor is the TrueMove3 which delivers true one-to-one tracking, for the entire sensitivity range from 100 to 12000 and now they have added a lift off distance sensor as well, for more accurate lift off distance control which means when the mouse is either being lifted off the surface or comes back down you have the least amount of unwanted cursor movement. So, the mouse feels more precise while gaming during most FPS titles, making this mouse a perfect fit for FPS gamers.

Razer Lancehead

A wireless gaming mouse is always a plus for those who want to get rid of the cable and want a cleaner look on their desk. Razer has always on top of the charts for gaming peripherals and its Lancehead wireless gaming mouse is no exception. Design wise Razer has done a good job giving the mouse a gunmetal grey surface which is a little slippery. The side rubber grips have a linear continuity from the front of the mouse for better grip. The RGB illumination on the mouse are placed in the right spots giving it some great look for product marketing. But keep in mind that the RGB lights will eat through a heavy chunk of your battery life. On the other hand the battery life of the mouse is great when you are using it for competitive gaming and are in game. The receiver brick of the mouse is low profile and the cable can be plugged into the mouse when you need to charge it. The USB dongle is tiny as well that fits easily inside the mouse itself. The mouse shuts off during the night or you can manually switch it off with the switch underneath it. When the battery is low the led on the scroll wheel will indicate you with a red blinking light. It has two browser buttons situated on the left side & a DPI shift button on top of the mouse behind the scroll wheel. The lift off sensor lags and may freeze as times during the game. Overall the mouse is a decent buy for the price with amazing build quality and design.

Logitech G900

Logitech’s G900 wireless gaming mouse has got all the fire power you wish to see in a gaming mouse. It has amazing design that fits perfectly in your hand whether you are a claw gripper or a palm gripper. It supports more diverse grip styles and is an excellent choice for FPS gaming. The mouse weighs only 107 grams making it one of the lightest wireless gaming mice in the market. The scroll wheel has distinct scroll steps and it also has infinite scrolling. Though made out of plastic material the design of the mouse looks absolutely brilliant and will compliment your gaming system. The use of plastic material in the design is present since Logitech didn’t want to compromise on the weight of the mouse making it too heavy. The side buttons are magnetic letting you switch between only left or right operation or populate all the buttons or no buttons at all. It also has two DPI buttons behind the scroll wheel with an LED indicator and at the bottom there is the power switch and the profile switch. The switch under the left and the right click buttons allows you for consistent click force registration, these are tested before leaving the factory. This click force is a bit stronger on the mouse as compared to other mice that have a flat switch than a more slightly angled one as seen on the G900. The mouse has a braided cable that charges your mouse as well. A tiny wireless receiver is also included in this mouse. Talking about its battery life, the mouse goes to sleep when idle and can run for an estimate of 32 hours without any lighting and 24 hours of constant use with lighting turned on. The RGB lighting can be customised with the Logitech gaming software. This is perfect wireless gaming mouse if you are ok to shell a few extra bucks and what that professional experience while gaming and using a wireless mouse.

These are our choices of gaming mice that we find fit perfectly for all the gamers out there. You can check out these products and more on our website.