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Audio-Technica M50X Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

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45mm Diameter Drivers; Magnet: Rare Earth; Closed-Back Dynamic Type; CCAW Voiced Coil; Frequency Response: 15-28,000 Hz; Approx 40 Hours Battery Life; Sensitivty: 99 dB/mW; 38 ohms Impedance; DC3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery; Charging Time: 7 Hours (approx for 0-100%); Maximum Range: Line of Sight 10m (33"); Supported Codec: Qualcomm


Product type The sub-category of the product.
Wearing style The way in which the device is worn.
Product colour The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Foldable The product can be folded and so can be stored/transported more easily.

Ports & interfaces

Connectivity technology The technology that enables connectivity of the device, e.g. wired or wireless.
Wired & Wireless
3.5 mm connector
6.35 mm connector
Bluetooth Bluetooth is a low-power radio technology developed to replace the cables and wires currently used to link or connect electronic devices such as personal computers, printers, and a wide variety of handheld devices including mobile phones. Because it uses radio-wave connectivity, a Bluetooth-enabled device has a constant, established connection to whatever browser it uses. This saves the user the trouble of logging on to check for emails or news updates, for example.
Bluetooth version The type of bluetooth technology in the product e.g. Bluetooth Smart (v4.0).
Bluetooth profiles


Ear coupling Ear coupling describes the way in which headphones or earphones stay attached to, or inside, the ear. There are three common types of ear coupling: circumaural, supra-aural and intra-aural. Circumaural headphones enclose your ears with large pads that suppress external noise. Supra-aural headphones are typically more lightweight and sit on top of the ears with small pads. Intra-aural headphones come in two basic designs and neither style sits on the head itself. The first are ear buds, which sit just outside of the ear canal, on top of your ear lobes. The second type is actually inserted directly into the ear canal and offers some external noise suppression.
Acoustic system
Headphone frequency The range of frequencies (low to high sounds) that the headphones can produce.
15 - 28000 Hz
Impedance The effective resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current, arising from the combined effects of ohmic resistance and reactance.
38 Ω
Headphone sensitivity
99 dB
Driver unit
4.5 cm


Battery type Description of battery supplied with the product, such battery form factor (e.g. AA/AAA).
Built-in battery
Battery technology The type of battery in the device, e.g. nickel–cadmium (NiCd).
Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Battery life (max) Maximum battery life. Mobile Mark™ (2002) is the standard often used to benchmark battery life time.
40 h
Rechargeable battery
Battery recharge time Approximate time required to recharge the battery from completely empty to completely full
7 h
Battery voltage The voltage (V) of the battery.
3.7 V
Charging source How the battery is charged.

Weight & dimensions

Weight Weight of the product without packaging (net weight). If possible, the net weight is given including standard accessories and supplies. Please note that sometimes the manufacturer leaves out the weight of accessories and/or supplies.
310 g

Packaging content

Cables included
Audio (3.5mm),USB

Other features

2.5 mm connector
Voice coil type
SKU 333802
Brand Audio-Technica
Product Condition Brand New/Unused
Wired/Wireless Wireless
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