Alogic Bolt Adjustable Laptop Vertical Stand

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ALOGIC Bolt Adjustable Laptop Vertical Stand, Notebook storage stand, Grey, Aluminium, Silicone, 443 g
High-quality aluminium stand with silicon pad designed to support and clamp the latest laptop and MacBook devices.

The Bolt Adjustable Laptop stand is a high-quality aluminium stand with silicon pad designed to support and clamp the latest laptop and MacBook devices. Size can be adjusted as per the laptop device and clamps on securely to ensure the device is held firmly in place.

Universal Compatibility - Adjustable Clamps and Silicon Pads
The ALOGIC Bolt Adjustable Laptop stand is designed with adjustable clamps on either side to ensure the width is compatible with various laptops and MacBook with different thickness. The clamps are also built with silicon pads to safeguard any laptop from being scratch or damage in the process. The silicone pad can also be located on the bottom to ensure the stand is non-slip protected and stable on the desk.

Ultra Build Quality
The ALOGIC Bolt Adjustable storage stand is crafted from high quality aluminium alloy materials and designed to guarantee a longer lifespan from daily wear and tear.


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Notebook storage stand
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Aluminium, Silicone
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443 g

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